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  • Zeta Potential Measurement (Aqueous and Non-Aqueous, Iso-Electric Point Determinations)
    . Therefore, for samples that require dilution prior to measurement, it is important to specify the dilution medium. The effect on the zeta potential of changes in pH, ionic strength and concentration of an additive can be automated to provide information such as the iso-electric point of a sample.
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    as a tool for both R &D and QC. Applications of this method to studies of reagent application, dilution, process development, and device kinetics are also presented. The Principles of Rapid-Flow Testing Rapid-flow immunochromatographic test devices are made up of a number of components, commonly
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    and the necessary mechanical actuation underneath. This system includes the extraction of proteins from food stuffs, removal of unsolved sample particles, generation of a dilution series and performance of an enzyme linked immunosorbent
  • Measuring trace ionic impurities in ultrapure acids and bases with ion chromatography (Third in a series)
    a stronger eluent required for separating trace ionic contaminants from the sample matrix. As a result, these columns permit direct injection of highly concentrated acids without compromising trace ion detection limits that result from severalfold dilution of the concentrated sample. The application
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    to be very short. The most advanced chip designs can perform all analytical functions sampling; sample pretreatment; separation, dilution, and mixing steps; chemical reactions; and detection in a single integrated microfluidic circuit. Lab-on-a-chip systems allow designers to create small, portable
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    are expected of the fluid path traveled by reagents and samples. These requirements can impose several design constraints on analyzers, including the use of low-surface-energy materials, the use of semirigid or rigid tubing, and the use of precision fluid connections. Also, in order to keep
  • Using two-dimensional ion chromatography to measure contaminants in ultrapure chemicals ( First in a series)
    samples are often diluted, digested, or pretreated with off-line cartridges. Unfortunately, dilution reduces detection sensitivity, and digestion or the use of cartridges often introduces contaminants. Ion chromatographs (ICs) have been used successfully to measure ionic contaminants in a wide range
  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy of Tannins and Phenols in Red Wine
    , the assessment of total phenols requires measurement of the sample at 280 nm requiring the use of an expensive, difficult to clean and easy to break 1 mm path length quartz cuvette. Even with a 1mm pathlength, most red wines still require 5 to 10 fold dilution in order to keep the absorption at 280 nm near

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