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  • D-Subminiature Connectors-Image
    D-Subminiature Connectors - (377 companies)
    ...output or game controller port connectors. DE9 D-sub connectors are used in some LAN and computer networks. Video Credit: FCI via YouTube. Shell Sizes. To accommodate different arrangements of pins, D-subminiature connectors are available in five...
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    Video Connectors - (102 companies)
    Video connectors are electrical connectors used for carrying analog or digital data and video signals. They can be used on the end of a cable, as part of an electronics device, or with another device with a video input or output.
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    Rotary Subs - (25 companies)
    ...either consists of a male threaded connection referred to as the "pin" or a female threaded connection which is referred to as the "box". Rotary subs can be supplied as a box-box, pin-pin, or box-pin configuration. They may include standard API...
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  • Industrial Pins-Image
    Industrial Pins - (758 companies)
    Industrial pins are varieties of fastening hardware meant to couple, align, mount, assemble, or penetrate two workpieces. The operation of the pin depends on design and employment, but industrial pins can be categorized into several categories...
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  • Dowel Pins-Image
    Dowel Pins - (199 companies)
    Dowel pins are industrial fasteners that are used to assemble two or more items together. They are short, cylindrical rods. The dowel pins can be tapered, slotted, grooved, or otherwise altered to change its mechanical properties. They are commonly...
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    PIN Diodes - (71 companies)
    PIN diodes are three-layer semiconductor diodes consisting of an intrinsic layer separating heavily doped P and N layers. The charge stored in the intrinsic layer in conjunction with other diode parameters determines the resistance of the diode...
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    Hitch Pins and Linch Pins - (87 companies)
    Hitch pins and their variations are simple forms of hardware used to temporarily mount or conjoin mating components. Linch pins are specifically designed to retain wheels or other rotating devices on their axles, but can be used as a fastener...
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    Spring Pins - (108 companies)
    Spring pins are hollow dowel pins manufactured from spring steel. Types. There are two main types of products: coiled. slotted. Coiled spring pins are made of spring steel or another metal, and are coiled into a hollow cylindrical shape. Roll pins...
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    Specialty Pins - (120 companies)
    Specialty pins are specialty or proprietary industrial pins. There are many types of products. Examples include ejector pins, expanding diameter pins, pivot pins, shear pins, and weld pins. Ejector pins are small specialty pins that are used to push...
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    PCB Pins and Receptacles - (70 companies)
    PCB pins and PCB receptacles are electronic interconnect devices for printed circuit boards (PCB). PCB pins are male connectors. PCB receptacles are female connectors. PCB pins and PCB receptacles are electronic interconnect devices for printed...
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    … combinations of composite, s-video and component video I Eight 3-level capable sensor pins for D -connector or SCART AV- and RGB-switch … … decoder PAL/SECAM/NTSC and their sub -standards I Automatic detection … … protected input signals according to the Macrovision standard, indicating … LBGA156 plastic low profile ball grid array package; 156 balls; body 15 × 15 × 1.05 …
  • Optoma EzPro 759 DLP projector | Softchoice
    1 x VGA output - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) ¦ 1 x VGA input - 15 pin HD D - Sub (HD- 15 ) ¦ 1 x S-video input - 4 pin mini-DIN ¦ 1 x composite video input - RCA ¦ 1 … … ¦ 1 x USB cable ¦ 1 x serial cable ¦ 1 x SCART adapter ¦ 1 … Up to 2000 hour(s) / up to 3000 hour(s) (economic mode .
  • Sixty years Berliner Physiological society
    15 . -- For color lesson, a yon HOLMGREN of the society read out A. tZONIG the transmitted communication reported … dutch slight stimulating fields yon the coarse of only a pin cross-section to determine. reported fibers investigation of the diaphragm movements with R6ntgenstrahlen, bet which the inspiratory Offnung the Trailheschen of space beobaehtet could become and the flattening of the muskul6sen of parts . P. SCHULTZ held a lecture fiber D ~ SCART ~ S as natural researchers.
  • Evolution of television receivers from analog to digital
    the SECAM (Sequentid d Memoire) system which transmits the two chrominance signals on a line-sequential basis … In the receiver, a line delay is required to obtainboth The NTSC line frequency was chosen to be 4500000/286 = 15 734.264 Hz and, consequently, the NTSC … The SCART connector, standar- dizedwithin CENELEC (European Committee for Electro- technical Standardization) and present on most of the more expensive receivers in Europe,has two of its pins reserved for this purpose. uses a coaxial cable with three bands: a baseband, a sub -band, and an FM and lV …
  • Design and implementation of layer architecture software modules for LCD TV systems
    SET SUB WOOFER STR SUBW AudSpeakC To All Other Modules The SCART connector contains input information on pin #8 (video status) and pin #16 (RGB status) to inform the user of which type video source or RGB source is connected. In order to support the D -connector interface, it needs additional ADC to detect source inputs. It usually uses 15 ~20 states to implement Auto TV standard detection function.
  • The process of erdmagnetischen elements in Vienna, 1851 to 1950
    In the year 1875 the magnetic graph naeh was set M _ ~ SCART Bin and the date readings dutch since 1878 became the going registration unterstiitzt in D and H and improve. … the improved teehnischen aids together with the right man caused a new progress on erdmagnetisehem area, In … ~ 2 = 48 ~ 15 ' 0 Z2 = 16 ~ 21 ' 4. Of these three partial series I have tried now an uniform total series ~ bzuleiten, ftir which … The basic prerequisite the is whole Megverfahrens, dab the cross-section of the needle pins fiberall kreisfSrmig, nieht is erffillt.
  • Patterns of mathematical thought in the later seventeenth century
    The concept of dimension is, indeed, an extraordinarily difficult thing to pin down, and a suitable definition … … axis B"A through fix-point A such that B"A is parallel (and equal) to CB, and so … UGOCASSINA: Sulla dimostrazione di WaUis delpostulato quinto d 'Euclide, Act. Congr. int. Hist. sc. … the Greek plane "symptoms" into a free-variabled algebraic form.* Returning to DE. SCARTES 'reduction of the … 15 Yet a wealth of ideas and suggestions was put forward which hinted, for example, --not quite … … PX-~ y, he deals quite successfully with the problem of finding the sub - tangent TX---t …
  • 46.1: Adaptive Video Converters A New Family of Video Conversion ICs for High‐Definition A/V Systems
    This sub -optimal legacy approach continues to be offered even in the latest generation of format converters … The AVC5000 has been developed to satisfy to this unserved market. 5 CVBS, 3 S-Video, 3 component, 1 VGA, 1 SCART (RGB+CVBS) o … found that in comparison with existing architectures, an AVC5000-based system requires 11- 15 fewer discrete ICs. … 18um 6-layer metal CMOS at National’s fab in Maine and packaged in a 240 pin PQFP. [4] “Retinex Processing for Automatic Image Enhancement”, D . J. Jobson, et. alt., SPIE 2002 [5] “An Intuitive …
  • Springer Handbook of Robotics
    The fleet management might involve a sophisticated task planner, which autonomously decomposes the entire cleaning task and the workspace into subtasks and sub - workspaces, which are then allocated to single robots. It has an av- erage cleaning performance of 15 m2/h. Draws a 3- D map of the Fig. 56.26 The pin -and-drag interface for generating coarse movements [56.74] Scart .

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