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  • Electromagnetic Circuit Co-Simulation of a Touchscreen Capacitance Sensor System
    Electromagnetic field simulation is an extremely useful tool in the design and analysis of touchscreen devices. The capacitance matrix is extracted for complex electrode systems and can take into account the presence of a finger. The capacitance is then used in circuit simulation to model
  • Low-power Signal Conditioning For A Pressure Sensor
    This article describes the signal conditioning required to interface an analog pressure sensor to a digital processing unit for further processing. Design considerations and specific steps are shown for conditioning the output signal of a pressure sensor to serve as an input to an A/D converter
  • Optical fibers keep an eye on sensor connections
    are eliminated, minimizing wiring and reducing wiring time. A detachable connector design eases maintenance in that typically, users not only have to remove the sensor, but also disconnect the output wires. With the new design, users can simply detach the amplifier without disturbing the output wiring and fiber
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    "green-box " enclosure. A small circuit board inside the box converts the Hall signals from analog to digital form and filters out electrical interference. Single Hall sensors generate single digital output. Dual sensors provide signals that double the resolution and can detect the direction
  • Sensor Sense: Advances in inductive sensing - Factor 1 sensors
    Inductive proximity sensors detect metal objects without touching them. Factor 1 inductive sensors have at least two coils in their design. One technique connects the first coil to an oscillator circuit while the other coil is part of an impedance circuit that controls the amplitude
  • Design for serviceability
    A design team working on a complex industrial machine found it could shave manufacturing costs by eliminating several pull-up resistors in sensor circuits. Unfortunately, a sensor failure in the field caused the circuit to "float " and make the equipment behave unpredictably. The small up-front
  • Temperature Sensor Backgrounder
    and faster system clock rates. More advanced architectures result in a greater amount of circuitry on-chip. Higher system clock rates cause chips to run hotter (primarily because of energy losses from parasitic circuit effects). As a result, thermal problems arise from a larger amount of circuitry
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    to a computer-controlled. defibrillator. The circuits actually work, and the schematics are completely readable. The project descriptions are targeted to an audience that has an understanding of. circuit design as well as experience in electronic prototype construction. You will understand. all of the math

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