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  • La limitación de los perros salvajes Africanos a causa de la competencia con carnívoros grandes
    Similar observations led Malcolm (1979) to propose that competition with spotted hyaenas might limit Serengeti wild dogs in num- ber or distribution. … may also limit wild dog numbers, either through competitive exclusion from areas of high prey density or … Approaching hyaenas were observed by two to four people standing on a vehicle using binoculars, image-intensifying gog- gles, and high- intensity flashlights .
  • African Ecology
    2006) The effect of fire season, fire frequency, rainfall and management on fire intensity in savanna vegetation … 1960) A study of the game of the Serengeti plains. 1995) Implications of high offspring mortality for cheetah population dynam- ics. Comprising an Account of the Fever which led to its Termination. 1906) With Flashlight and Rifle A Record of Hunting Adventures and of Studies in Wild Life in …
  • History of Shock Waves, Explosions and Impact
    Olduvai Gorge, eastern Serengeti Plains [near Lake Victoria], Tanza- nia High -resolution X-ray … us is proportionate to their size, that sound must reach us with an intensity many times that … The projectile, a ball of stone or lead , was accelerated along a groove with an inclination of … They use a flashlight - pulsed dye laser and transmit the energy through thin quartz fibers in direct …
  • Natural Processes and Human Impacts
    A flashlight attracts the fish, which jabs with powerful needle-shaped jaws that deeply penetrate the body … … are the following: lower aquatic plants, mostly sea- weeds; lower terrestrial plants (mainly fungi) and higher plants. Ciguatera intoxication rarely leads to death. The intensity and composition of fouling depend on the following factors (Zevina 1994): (1) perfor- mance characteristics … For example, the rinderpest virus, brought to Serengeti National Park (in the north of Tanzania), resulted in …
  • A Science Career Against all Odds
    … method (with Dr. Busing), 3.) separation of amorphous and crystalline X-ray diffraction intensities as a function … In fact, these initial discussion lead to my move to Knoxville. He kept up this high productivity (see page 8-24). Their eyes shone in the flashlight of the guide. Figure 38 Cheetah on top of the expedition car surveying the Serengeti plane for prey in Tanzania.
  • Handbook of Human Computation
    Consider two people working on the same jigsaw puzzle, which depicts animals in the Serengeti . Indeed, a large scale research effort led by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), is … … underlying organismic computing, which is that synergy arises from the influence of “ higher order” information—that is … He is shining a bright flashlight toward your eyes through the glass of water, which you can … … over time locations along shorter paths will be visited more frequently, increasing the intensity of trace in …
  • Wildlife Forensic Investigation: Principles and Practice
    … of wildlife species among a sample of the rural popu- lation adjacent to Serengeti National Park in … IUCN has played a leading part in the debate and produced general guidelines on this subject (in … The Beijing districts with the highest number of nat- uralised and invasive species of plants are also … The CSI kit contains flashlights (torches), location placards, evidence flags, to assist the photographic process, etc. … or in the day but under the cover of forest or elsewhere where light intensity is poor.
  • Viral Applications of Green Fluorescent Protein
    1996) A canine distemper virus epidemic in Serengeti lions (Panthera leo). … 3), baculovirus has emerged as a novel gene delivery vector thanks to its high efficiency for gene … intensity (MFI). 192 blue LED flashlight .........................................................51 bovine herpesvirus .........................................................
  • PRIMATE ORIGINS: Adaptations and Evolution
    … be achieved by shining a flash- light on a wall: the closer the flashlight is to the … There is debate as to the precise ecological significance of the relatively high levels of orbital convergence … … length), and that nocturnality and its characteristic eye shape persisted in the lineage leading from basal mammals … Bell, R. H., 1971, A grazing ecosystem in the Serengeti , Sci. Am. 225: 86–93. … a likelihood-ratio test to account for several classes of sites with different intensities of selective pressure.
  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 11 Issue 4 April 2014
    Tools / Flashlights / Radios These LED soft- lights utilize remote phosphor technol- ogy, which gives the lights extra brightness. … distinct style that sometimes takes a little decoding (an airplane icon is a high -altitude overview of … box pops up a list of directly selectable values—10% steps for intensity or the gobos in a … … migration from studio to stage is making the movement of wildebeests across the Serengeti look like Grover …