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  • Influence of enhanced troponin C Ca 2+ ‐binding affinity on cooperative thin filament activation in rabbit skeletal muscle
    … attached to an Aurora Scientific (Ontario, Canada) force transducer and a General Scanning model G120DT (Watertown, MA, USA) servo - motor (adjusted for 300 μs step time) by minutien pin hooks and mounted on … … inverted microscope as previously described (Regnier et al. 2002).
  • Practical AVR Microcontrollers
    … 170 definition, 169 failure, 170 packet, 170 simple, 169 chooseRandomWordIndexIndex() function, 246 Color and light sensors, 165 Crazy Beams assembly laser modules on servo motors, 218 overall view, 219, 220 servo motor reset program, 217–218 vertical … … linkage, 219 electronics AVR pins , 222 … wiring, 223 power arrangement, 222 horizontal motors frame, 215–216 laser source, 214 project description , 213–214 software code …
  • Intelligent Robotics and Applications
    The servo interface device of this study was designed with very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language (VHDL) and has an input and output structure shown in Figure 6. It is shown in Figure 8 that the required input signals are Clock_in (1 bit), angle (8 bits) and Motor _select (5 bits) while the output signals are 32 PWM output pins and an angle-restricting parameter of 180.
    For example, say person A in San Francisco has an infrared sensor connected to his Pinkie's ADC pin, and person B in Cambridge has a servo motor connected to the digital I/O pin of his Pinkie. They both have their description on the OPENSTUDIO website.
  • Telerobotic operation combined with automated vehicle control
    As described in section 1 .2. 1, the remaining output-compare registers with their respective pins are used to interface to the forward and reverse mode ofthe drive motor as well as the servo motor.
    D Process Control D Closed-Loop Servo -Control D Motor Control D Data Acquisition Systems D DAC-per- Pin Programmers DESCRIPTION .
  • Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers
    The ISP connector is the same as in the Duck Shooter project described earlier in this chapter. The motor (attached via ST4) is a servo motor, as covered in Chapter 3 of Practical AVR Microcontrollers (Apress, 2012) and other places. This takes a direct logic connection from Arduino digital pin 9 (AVR pin 15).
  • Gemini Planet Imager: Preliminary Design Report
    Additionally the DS- 1820 sensors will be used to provide a digital ID and to monitor the temperature of all servo - motors , as described in 8.6.2. The Honeywell HIS-4000 humidity sensor is a 3 pin device that converts relative air humidity into …
  • From Product Description to Cost: A Practical Approach
    No assembly required or single part Simple assembly, standard fasteners or adhesive bonding Simple assembly but difficult positioning of fasteners Precision positioning of fab, parts, pinning line drilling Precision positioning with moving parts (i.e. servos , motors ,… Figure 11.4 VE assembly description choice.
  • CR4 - Thread: PWM signal
    • Nick's Idea Page :: PWM Modulator includes the design and discussion of a PWM Modulator circuit used for the control of Servo Motors . • SAE J1850 BUS Information – PWM and VPW automotive communication bus description • Fix for 4- pin PWM Fans not running at full speed on legacy motherboards with 3 …