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  • Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook
    Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook. Written by outstanding authorities in a variety of fields, this thorough text covers basic theories of shock and vibration measurement; testing, design, and control methodologies; and practical applications of theory.
  • The basics of shock and vibration absorbers
    Motion is present in almost all industrial automation systems.
  • Threads get a grip on shock, vibration
    Unconventional fasteners seal interplanetary probe When the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft goes into orbit around Saturn next July, it will have endured not only the vibration, shock, and temperature extremes of a Titan IV rocket launch, but also the seven-year, 750 million mile journey from Earth
  • Impacts of Shock and Vibration on a Limit Switch
    Industrial limit switches are very popular in sensing and control applications. Limit. switches are used to detect presence or absence in areas where physical contact. is allowed. Upon sensing an object, the switch actuator operates and the normally. open or closed electrical contacts inside the
  • Shock, awe, and vibration
    . Custom-designed Sorbothane isolators provide shock and vibration protection for disk drives, PCBs, and LCDs. Sorbothane mounts create lower system natural frequencies and guard against resonance. The real estate inside portable handheld electronics continues to shrink leaving designers no option
  • Navy Shock Testing
    Hoffer Flow Controls is proud to announce the successful conclusion to extensive Shock and Vibration Testing conducted on our HO2 & 4-inch Flowmeters and our HIT-2A Totalizers. Hoffer Flow Controls is the only Military Shock and Vibe qualified provider of Turbine Flowmeters in the world. Northrup
  • Precision coupling "shock proofs'' innovative packer
    Aservomotor powers pick-and-place motion in an innovative packing machine by means of a backlash-free coupling. The coupling damps out shock and vibration from the packing head's reciprocating and intermittent motion. The juice packaging machine from Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc
  • Reduce Vibration and Shock
    During operation, vibration is always occurring. Failures associated with vibration, such as loose bolts or broken welds, are often related to general fatigue or degradation of the assembly rather than one, abrupt movement.

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