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  • New Components and Design Methods Bring Intelligence to Battery Charger Applications
    New design methods and components bring high intelligence to battery charger and power-management applications. When developing intelligent power management systems, very complex and cumbersome analog-only solutions are now old school. When combining low-cost microcontroller's with analog-attach
  • How to Reduce SWaP of Satellite Command and Telemetry Subsystems
    By 2017, there were nearly 1,400 satellites in orbit, serving both military and commercial customers. Their missions span a wide range of functions including reconnaissance, surveillance, imaging, signal intelligence, meteorology, navigation, television, and voice communications. With every new
  • Peter Cochrane
    The first is the difficulty of dissipating heat without the cooling (vascular) systems dominating the brain space - we generate about the same heat output as a 50W light bulb in a 10cm cavity. Second, the signal transmission span and synaptic speed are dictated by reaction times essential to avoid
  • Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging
    The microcontroller performs the intelligence and arithmetic functions for ultrasonic ranging, while the Polaroid 6500 Ranging Module performs the ultrasonic signal transmissions and echo detection.
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    Green Hills calls Linux 'insecure' for defense A storm has erupted in the embedded community, with real-time operating systems house Green Hills charging that Linux is fundamentally insecure and wide open to security breaches by "foreign intelligence agencies and terrorists. " Image processing
  • Data on the go
    , and fast roaming between access points. The Clear Signal digital-radio receiver from Sonarics complete digital radio board. The modules digital radios to DVD boxes, or other consumer The Blackfin chips can be modified through software iteration without requiring hardware redesign. MIT's Media Lab
  • The Basics of Network Switching Technology
    sophisticated than simple switching, as in on/off switches. Network switches examine each data packet and process it accordingly. In this regard, they are more able than another type of network connection called a hub. A hub simply repeats the signal it sees on one port to all the others that contain
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    of the company's Blaze MO optimization software, featuring updates based on customer feedback from projects that employed the tool. Tanner EDA speeds up tool suite Analog/mixed-signal EDA tool vendor Tanner EDA plans to release an upgrade to its Tanner Tools 12.1 design suite on the opening day of the Design
  • Hannover Fair - Day 4
    Fuel Cell Today - Informing the fuel cell industry. Fuel Cell Today provides market based intelligence on the fuel cell industry, including surveys, news, images and investment information. If you can see this message, you're not using one of our supported browsers. We support modern versions

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