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  • Can Design Example: Simple Sensor Node
    The CAN bus (Controller Area Network) protocol was designed to be a high-speed, reliable communication protocol for command and control network applications. Microchip offers a complete line of products to meet the needs of high-performance embedded applications using the CAN protocol, including 8
  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    AN1076 (R) Using a PIC Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication place of auto-transformers, becoming quite popular, Author: Parthiv Pandya particularly the 0-10V analog consoles. Still, this Microchip Technology Inc. system had three major drawbacks: 1. It was prone to noise. 2. Dimming could
  • The Access Network - Evolution From Separate Simple Services To A Fully Flexible Environment
    . The role and the form of the access network are starting to undergo dramatic changes, driven by the expectations of the users and the availability of new technology. The aim of this paper is to look at some of the evolutionary trends in how we access our communication networks and at what is driving
  • Drom Fragrances Includes Customers In Product Development Via Video
    by the brothers Ferdinand and Andreas Storp as third generation, thrives on creativity and the innovation of its workforce. Fast, simple communication which also overcomes cultural hurdles between employees from various locations is thus essential for the company.
  • Introduction to the BodyCom Technology
    The BodyCom system is a new short-range wireless. connectivity technology that uses the capability of the. human body to transport a few signals that provide. intuitive, simple, and safe communication between two. electronically compatible devices. Communication. between BodyCom system devices
  • Data Security in Networks
    Power Line Communication (PLC) is a technology for the transmission of signals and data over the. existing low-voltage networks, The signals are fed with a high-frequency carrier together with the. mains power. The applications range from intercoms and simple controls through in-house networks
  • Serial Port Standards
    to. Also, as the line between building automation equipment and industrial data acquisition equipment begins to blur, simple sensors are being offered with extensive communication capabilities in order to be useful on a wider variety of platforms.
  • Wireless Actuator
    A wireless actuator is an actuator geographically distributed and interconnected by wireless networks. Nowadays, wireless actuators are simple to use, easy to implement, easy to commission. They provide communication as well as diagnostics, while eliminating expensive wiring and install costs

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  • Expressiveness of Communication in Answer Set Programming
    We find that the problem of deciding whether a literal is in some answer set of a communicating ASP program using simple communication is NP-hard.
  • Internetworking
    A transmission medium is used in the long-distance traffic region only imposingly by both end systems connected to (point-to-point connection) it, can come significantly simpler communication algorithms for insert, that ensure an as high transmission power as possible.
  • Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing
    Finally, the SIMPLE communication library, built on top of ICL and SMP Node, includes the prim- itives for the SIMPLE model: barrier, scan, reduce, broadcast, allreduce, alltoall, alltoallv, gather, and scatter.
  • Secure network communication
    These can be simple communications or error messages for the opposite side.
  • Internetworking
    If in wide area networks a transmission medium is exclusively used by the two end systems connected to it ( a point to point connection), much simpler communication algorithms can be used to guarantee the highest transmission capability possible.
  • Evolution of Communication and Language in Embodied Agents
    The vast majority of communication acts in animals concerns simple commu- nication forms that convey information that is emotional-motivational, deictic, and that has a low level of abstraction (e.g., “I am hungry, here and now”).
  • Microbiology of bottoms
    To this group, simple compounds like benzene, toluene belong (methyl .
  • Manual of the Public Relations
    At the same time a further important structural characteristic of living systems shows by the selectivity, namely, would be Reflexivität.4 The simplest communication process unthinkable without the possibility of reflexiver structure formation because this owes exactly, it itself yes (cf. Merten …