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  • Electromagnetic Circuit Co-Simulation of a Touchscreen Capacitance Sensor System
    Electromagnetic field simulation is an extremely useful tool in the design and analysis of touchscreen devices. The capacitance matrix is extracted for complex electrode systems and can take into account the presence of a finger. The capacitance is then used in circuit simulation to model
  • Logic-Timing Simulation and the Degradation Delay Model
    Logic-Timing Simulation and the Degradation Delay Model. Providing an extensive background in the field of logic-timing simulation and delay modeling, this book includes detailed information on the challenges of logic-timing simulation, applications, advantages and drawbacks.
  • Preparing for a Fluid Simulation
    provides direct data exchange with full associativity for most widely used solid modelers. The sequence shows some of the preprocessing for a CFD simulation. A valve assembly (left) is modeled in SolidWorks. A user has specified the surfaces that bound the fluid region using a built-in dialog
  • Simulation Replaces Prototyping
    As simulation gets more realistic, prototyping becomes an expensive last resort. The spindle from a front suspension, designed by Audi, shows fatigue damage predicted by simulation. Audi engineers model the front end of a new car as part of the suspension, then run it through simulated test driving
  • Bearing simulation gets real
    The Beast preprocessor displays a model of a deep-groove ball bearing (SKF Type 6309) used for the simulations. Simulation of a deep-groove ball bearing running at 600 rpm under a 1-kN radial load. Ball azimuth zero is at the bearing top (12 o'clock). A 0.5 ball azimuth represents the 6 o'clock
  • Simulation deflates airbag design time
    bags have only recently been simulated in software. The challenge in simulation is to accurately capture two qualities: the stiff hydrogen-air reaction and the complex flow geometry. Moreover, these factors must be modeled without consuming inordinate computational resources. TRW engineers use
  • Application Simulation: Adding Intelligence to Automation
    Add intelligence to your automation and open up new possibilities for your system by bringing together targeted applications-orientated simulation and off-line programming. ac&e's partnering service model brings intelligence to your operations and enables you to quickly convert engineering models
  • Design Simulation for Warehouse Temperature Control
    their parameters to match the specifics of the two fans under consideration. Wark re-ran the simulation for each of the new models and he and Simpson viewed contour maps that showed temperature at key levels of the warehouse. The results showed that each type of fan reduced the temperature stratification

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