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  • Intelligent packaging and intelligent medicine box for medication management towards the Internet-of-Things
    The connection bridge support UART, SPI Master, SPI Slave , and USB Host/Slave connection.
  • An FPGA bridge preserving traffic quality of service for on-chip network-based systems
    USB and SPI are master- slave protocols which are not applicable to our proposal, whereas we might have both master and slave at both side of the bridge .
  • Transparent Connectivity for Embedded System Design
    Figure 1: Block Diagram of the USB / SPI Bridge The microcontroller assumes the role of an SPI slave and the target system serves as the SPI …
    The FT311D provides a bridge between peripheral hardware and an Android platform with a USB device port. The FT311D will enumerate the Android platform and provide an interface to either, GPIO, UART, PWM, I2C Master, SPI Slave or SPI Master.
  • Design and control of a shape memory alloy based dexterous robot hand
    Communication between the PC’s USB bus and the UART bus of the master micro-controller (Digi- Key, Minnesota: Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microprocessor, ATMEGA32-16PC-ND) is facilitated by a specialized high- speed communication bridge (FTDI Chip, Oregon: FT2232C). The slave micro-controllers (Digi-Key, Minnesota: Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microprocessor, ATMEGA88-20PI-ND) were selected such that each had three available PWM channels in addition to the required SPI communication interface.
  • Design of a SoC platform for digital media processing
    Low speed and low power components such as peripheral device interface I2C, I2S, USB , UART, SPI , EM1 of flash memory and external bus interface, GPIO, timer and lTAC etc. are connected to the system with APB. They are all slaves . There is only one master in the APB bus, that is the bridge to AHB.
  • Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering
    The bus matrix also hosts 512KB flash memory, 64KB RAM, a set of high-speed pe- ripherals with direct-memory access (Ethernet, USB , CAN), and a bus bridge towards a lower-speed bus. … bus matrix is an interconnection mechanism be- tween multiple bus masters and bus slaves , such that multiple … … pulse-width modulators, pin-change detectors, A/D con- verter, real-time clock, UART, SPI , I2C, among others.
  • Graphical user interface for serial protocols through a USB link
    The main difference with the I2 C bus is in the slave selection, which is performed with a specific CS line in the SPI protocol, so no addresses are needed and faster communications could be achieved. The developed program, USB bridge GUI, has been coded in C++ language using the object-oriented paradigm.
  • tmNxModId.h (
    … I2C */ #define SMCARD_106_MOD_ID 0X00000106 /* SmartCard */ #define UART_107_MOD_ID 0X00000107 /* UART, full DMA support */ #define CLOCKS_108_MOD_ID 0X00000108 /* Clock Generation */ #define USB_109_MOD_ID 0X00000109 /* USB */ #define BOOT_10A_MOD_ID 0X0000010A … … PI-DVP Memory Bus bridge (150-143) */ #define … */ #define GDMA_A02D_MOD_ID 0X0000A02D /* Generic DMA physical interface (master/ slave , 8-16-bit, etc.) */ #define VIDDEC_SEC_A02E_MOD_ID 0X0000A02E /* CVBS-only Video decoder … … screen controller */ #define KEYPAD_A040_MOD_ID 0X0000A040 /* keypad controller (36 keys) */ #define SPI _A041_MOD_ID 0X0000A041 /* BlueBerry/S3 …
  • Atmel Introduces the World's Lowest Power 32-bit Flash MCU With Ethernet and USB On-the-Go
    The bus slaves are the on-chip SRAM and Flash memories, USB , the two peripheral bus bridges , and the external bus interface (EBI). … Ethernet and USB interfaces, along with many other serial communications ports such as SPI , TWI and USARTS.