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  • 3 Ways to Drive a Slewing Ring Bearing
    In rotating and turntable applications using a slewing ring bearing, the component used to drive the system is important.
  • Detecting Oscillations in an ABB Variable Frequency Drive System (VFD) of large industrial Blowers
    are captured by a multichannel transient recorder whereas every channel is acquired and stored to disk independently. In a suitable data acquisition system every channel needs to be an active trigger source in an advanced trigger mode such as interval or slew rate in either AND or OR trigger logic.
  • Driving Capacitive Loads With Op Amps
    Operational amplifiers (op amps) that drive large capacitive loads tend to have peaking and oscillation problems when they are not properly compensated. Other problems include: reduced bandwidth, lower output slew rate, and higher power consumption. This application note explains why these problems

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  • Manual therapy and complex rehabilitation
    The taxiway and the pressure resulting from it on nichttragenden cartilages increases the sliding movement is hindered by the rolling sliding of a convex partner.
  • Wear of metallic materials
    Your investigations led phänomenologisch to the law formulated by coulomb of the solid state friction upon sliding movements that is independent of surface and speed: .
  • Dubbel
    Vibrating moments can cause the sliding movements with alternating directions in the joint (slip).
  • Dubbel
    Vibrating moments can cause the sliding movements with alternating directions in the joint (slip).
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    The cause of rubbing corrosion (fit grate) is the existing micro sliding movements in the region of elastic deformations (e.g., changing stressed interference fits) which carries for formation of metallically pure surface areas.
  • Tribology-manual
    Abb. 3.37 simulation of the grenzflächendynamischen behavior of the atomic regions of a tribological three-body-system upon a tangential sliding movement .
  • Vibrations of mechanical drive systems
    From the point of view of the dynamics, that are it responsible for selbsterregte vibrations (stick-slip-Effekt) paper machines, printing machines during slow sliding movements at the Bremsenquietschen or at the contact of rotors rolling on each other e.g. by…
  • Dubbel
    Vibrating moments can cause the sliding movements with alternating directions in the joint (slip).
  • Vaulters lexicon physiotherapy
    Articulatio cricoarytenoidea f (E cricoarytenoid joint); Cylindrical articulation between ring and setting cartilage of the larynx; hinges, rotatings and sliding movements ; s.a. Larynx Articulatio cricothyroidea f (E cricothyroid joint); joint between ring and thyroid cartilage of the larynx; hinges and sliding…
  • Construction elements of mechanical engineering 2
    The sliding movements of solid state surfaces of usual structural materials in direct contact require a comparatively high force and energy expenditure.