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  • Thermal challenges in the future generation solid state lighting applications: light emitting diodes
    LEDs in lighting have the advantages of precise wavelengtbkolor output, directed light output, long lifetime, vibration resistance, energy savings and a small flat package. Current applications for white LED lighting include architectural lighting, decorative lighting, flashlights , backlighting of large displays etc.
  • SemCor (\
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  • CR4 - Thread: Need World's Best Flashlight
    Re: Need World's Best Flashlight Best torch I have ever used I make myself- take flat batt pack from cell phone NiMH or Li … … provided- fit 1 to 4 or more white leds in parallel- using dmm … … melt & insul tape- small ,compact, shines for many …
  • Universal Robotic Gripper based on the Jamming of Granular Material
    For a wide range of objects, including those shown in Figs. 1A and E but also small flashlight light bulbs, M&Ms R , LEDs , bot- tle caps, plastic tubing, foam ear plugs, and a variety of hardware items and office supplies, the pick … … than about half the size of the gripper or for thin disks lying flat , or for very …
  • Inflatable Lamp Lights Up Places Off the Grid
    It starts out round and flat . … high clear cylinder, with a solar panel and a ring of 10 white LED lights that illuminate … When squished back down, Luci squeezes the light though a smaller opening, concentrating it more like a flashlight would.
  • It becomes the light. ︁
    Devices: 3 Bauklçtze of same Hçhe 1, 1 small bright flashlight (e.g., mini-Maglite), prism (e.g. with an equilateral triangle of the edge length 3 cms as basic surface and a Hçhe of 3 cms) implementation: The light beam of … … distance of about 30 cms, a further building block with a prism is brought now to position.
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • Neurophysiological treatment at adults
    … therapy process, devices become and, e.g., the batteries to change tools more complex to the flashlight . The action plane At beginning of the treatment must after a previously constructed treatment plan experienced acts … A more complex action can often lead to an excessive demand of the patient. The partition is useful in lesser individual acts (sequencing) that are brought together after successful exercise again …
  • Lexicon of the information technology
    like a light cone of a flashlight ; the D. guides for energy loss of, e.g., the laser beam or the light in a glass fiber and must be therefore as low as possible Indicating surface , screen; output device .
  • CR4 - Thread: Maintenance Personnel Tool List
    I'd add: a LED flashlight instead of the D cell, they just last longer and they can be much smaller and lighter; lockout tag out gear. enough for a few circuit breakers and for a few valves. - a flat chunk of something and the emory cloth?