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  • Laser Printers-Image
    Laser Printers - (319 companies)
    Image Credit: Softchoice Corporation | Vision Computers, Inc. | CompUSA Laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum that is rolled through a reservoir...
    Digital Interface
    Media Handling
    Bar / Matrix Code Symbologies
  • Barcode Printers-Image
    Barcode Printers - (342 companies)
    Barcode printers are used to output barcode data in printed form. Image Credit: A Barcode Business, Inc. Barcode printers are used to output barcodes in printed form. Types of Barcode Printers. Barcode printers include several types of equipment...
  • Label Printers-Image
    Label Printers - (426 companies)
    ...textiles or composites, wood or corrugated paper, or irregular surfaces. Types of Label Printers. There are many different types of label printers. Daisy-wheel printers use a small wheel with a single pin for each character. The wheel is rotated...
  • Computer Printers and Plotters-Image
    Computer Printers and Plotters - (748 companies)
    LED) devices are similar to laser printers, but use LCDs or LEDs to produce an image on the drum. Dot matrix printers strike pins against an ink ribbon to print closely-spaced dots, often with multi-page forms. Line printers use the same technology...
    3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Materials - (78 companies)
    ...worked on. This method relies on optical components such as a DLP projector or lasers to cure resins in specific shapes. In polymer jetting (Polyjet), a printing head sprays out small amounts of liquid resin to form a new layer, which is then cured...
    Printer Mechanisms - (100 companies)
    Printer mechanisms are used in kiosks, lottery machines, ticketing machines, and cash registers. They include thermal, laser and dot matrix printing technology. Printer mechanisms are used in kiosks, lottery machines, ticketing machines, and cash...
    Lasers - (697 companies)
    ...but is more accurately used to represent electromagnetic radiation of any kind; lasers are capable of emitted non-visible (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.) radiation as well. Coherence represents an ideal state for any wave and exists in two forms: temporal...
    Ink Jet Printers - (443 companies) used to output industrial data in printed form. Ink jet printers project electrically charged droplets of ink onto a page. Applications for ink jet printers include graphics, CAD or engineering, GIS or mapping, bar codes, labels, forms, receipt...
    Diodes - (744 companies) when there are low levels of diode voltage (VD) and the associated current is very small. The second area is when the diode voltage (VD) is greater than the threshold voltage (Vthr), and the current increases abruptly. Diode Voltage is < Vthr...
    Printer Repair Services - (45 companies)
    ...types of printers that printer repair services cover include laser printers, dye sublimation printers, ink jet printers, plotters, direct thermal printers, line printers, thermal transfer printers, flexographic printers, hot stamping printers, letter...

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  • Electromagnetic Two-Dimensional Scanner Using Radial Magnetic Field
    Raster scanning dis- plays [1]–[4], barcode scanners [5], laser printers [6], and con- focal microscopy [7] are some of the well-known applications to which high-performance scanning micromirrors can add signif- icant value. .... With advances in display technology, high-quality laser projection display systems are widely researched in var- ious fields of application due to the exceptionally large color gamut, unprecedented smooth image, and potential for small form - factor .
  • User manual for two simple postscript output FORTRAN plotting routines
    However, plotting routines that generate output on high quality laser printers normally come in graphics packages, which tend to be expensive and system dependent. .... These factors become important for small computer systems or desktop computers, especially when only some form of a simple plotting routine is sufficient.
  • Lorentz force torsional actuator with embedded nickel structures
    Micro torsional actuators play an important role in various micro device, such as micro scanner [1], laser printer [2], and barcode reader [3] are some well-known applications. .... MEMS scanner have become a promising method in a wide variety of microprojector applications due to their high performance, low power consumption, relatively simple optics and potentially small form - factor .
  • Direct-Write Digital Holography. Development and research of a hologram printer
    the advantages of a small form factor allowing for future miniaturization of the. .... printer ; high resolution allowing for holograms with a large depth of field (both in and out of .... efficiency and allowing for a weaker laser to be used, thus decreasing the cost and increasing the…
  • GaAs/AlGaAs photonic crystals for VCSEL-type semiconductor lasers
    There is a plethora of possible applications of PhC VCSELs, such as laser printers , mobile devices for gas sen− sing utilized in automotive industry and defence, control of chemical processes etc. but the key applications of PhC VCSELs are expected to be .... Optical in− terconnection will be one major method to upgrade intercon− nect performance due to their advantageous high−speed data transfer capability in a small form factor with low crosstalk at high density.
  • Flashy specification | News | The Engineer
    CompactFlash card slots are in over 325 digital cameras, over 150 handheld/palm-size PCs and over 410 other electronic platforms including heart monitors, defibrillators, printers , MP3 players, voice recorders, embedded computers, etc. than any other small form factor card. .... VGA, Ethernet, modem, serial, parallel, digital phone, GSM, Bluetooth, Ethernet wireless Wand & laser barcode scanners, finger…
  • Use of wood powder and adhesive as a mixture for 3D printing
    One of the factors that limit the expansion of 3D printers is the price of the material (e.g., expensive UV curing resins, materials for laser sintering) and the syn- thetic origin of most of the materials (possibly harmful for the environment). .... Wood is a natural, organic material that is widely available in the form of wood residues, which can be milled into smaller fractions or fine wood powder, and used as a component in 3D printing with conventional plastic materials, natural adhesives, or…
  • Dubbel
    …life G 95 -, nominal life G 94 -, static curing factor G 95 -, temperature factor G 95 -, survival … places U 78 -, control U 83 -, product output U 78 -, product input U 78 storage type U 78 -, automated small partial bearings U 82 … rod connections G 17 LASER S 85 laser focal … diode I 16 laser printer W 34 laser surface … 4 -, tube screw joint H 15 tail Q 97, Q 98 tail construction forms Q 88 steering…
  • Do-it-yourself devices : personal fabrication of custom electronic products
    Creating a design that can be successfully cut out on the machine, however, requires more understanding of the details of the process (like the cutting tools and paths involved) than is usually needed for the laser -cutter or 3D printers . .... commercial products - and hobbyist modules (or toolkits) that wrap these commercial parts in easier-to- use forms . .... While the line between the two can be ambiguous, there are multiple properties that distinguish components from higher- level modules: - their form factor allows for embedding within a product (i.e. is both small enough and possible to mount robustly) " they…
  • The Impact of 3D Printing on the Automotive Sector
    …unlikely that prices of SLS printers will fall as much as those of FDM machines, as it is significantly more difficult to build an SLS machine that uses lasers and powders than it … to construct an FDM printer that uses heating elements .... However, with more people becoming involved with SLS technology, the price to own an SLS printer is likely to drop measurably—a key factor for the 90% of manufacturers worldwide that are small ‐ to medium‐sized enterprises (i.e., employ fewer than 500 … of many 3D printers—in which the base upon which the object is being formed is static for…