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  • Development of a Damped Piezoresistive MEMS High Shock Sensor
    of this older design. As a byproduct of these megahertz resonances, resultant sensor seismic element displacements were so small that effectively no internal damping was possible. Because of this lack of damping, bulky external mechanical isolators have to be frequently employed to protect
  • Medical Device Link . Selecting Low-Pressure Sensors for Medical Electronics Applications Lower pressure ranges in piezoresistive sensors offer medical electronics designers more options for customizing sensor solutions.
    -low-pressure applications. Piezoresistive pressure sensors are small in size, moderately priced, and relatively easy to use. Additionally, the pressure ranges available in piezoresistive sensors are getting lower. Not too many years ago, 0 1 psi was the lowest pressure range available; today
  • Ultrasonic Sensors, The Silent Laborers
    During operation the transducer alternates continuously between transmitting and receiving. If the transmitted switch packets encounter an object the sound is reflected and a small part of the energy is reflected back to the sensor, respectively the transducer. The output of the sensor reacts after
  • All From One Mold - Optical, Ultra Sound, Inductive and Capacitive Sensors
    , especially where different sensor technologies are required. The proven and time-tested sensor series 20 from Baumer Electric offers all sensor technologies currently on the market in a compact plastic casing with small installation depth: The range of products consists of optical, inductive
  • ShotWatch by Grip & Rip Technology
    , and tempo. The FlexiForce sensor is the key to the grip pressure component; as grip on the club tightens, wrist pressure increases. Thanks to its small physical size, paper-thinness, and low cost, the FlexiForce sensor provides the non-intrusive force measurement capability needed to complete the device
  • Measuring out fluids microdrop by microdrop
    Combining innovative sensors, precise pumps, valves with no dead volumes, and some elegant engineering lets designers deliver drugs and other fluids in small but accurate doses. Vice President of Technical Marketing EDITED BY STEPHEN J. MRAZ Burkert's Model 2203, a 2/2 way valve, and 6604
  • How to Drive Resistive Tactile Sensors
    A tweak of the drive electronics for resistive tactile sensors lets these devices handle an expanded range of pressures. * Thin-film force sensors can be super thin and created in a range of shapes and sizes. * Resistive thin-film sensors can be turned to work over a range of forces depending
  • Stainless steel for tight seals
    the discontinuity into the target metal. The sensor ignores the small currents generated in the sensor face. The stainless-steel housing does shorten the rated sensing distance when used with standard ferrite core/oscillator combinations. However, new designs now reach the same range as standard sensors

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