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  • Small size slip ring for underwater robot
    Rings Large size Slip Rings High / Low Temperature Slip Rings
  • The Installation Method Of Capsule Slip Ring
    The capsule slip ring, as the name suggests, is a slip ring that looks like a capsule. The cap type slip-ring flanges, mainly through a few holes in the flange to match the installation of the customer's equipment. Capsule slip ring is a series of conductive slip rings with round flanges attached
  • Introduction to the Structure of Long Durable Slip Ring
    At present, the new type of fine slip ring is a very common slip ring in the slip ring industry. It simply replaces the traditional slip ring used before. The main reason is that compared with this type of slip ring, it is smaller in size and does not need to clean the toner on the surface
  • Introduction About the Structure of Super Long Life Slip Ring
    At present, the common slip ring on the market is a new type of precision conductive slip ring, which almost replaces the traditional slip ring, mainly because of its small size, the need for frequent cleaning of toner, regular inspection and maintenance, and long service life.Although the new type
  • High-speed Anti-vibration High-protection Slip Ring Designed for Tank
    The conductive slip ring is a high-precision mechanical component. As one of the military equipment, the tank has special military requirements for the conductive slip ring used.Requires small size, high precision, high speed and low contact resistance, and in harsh environments (such as high