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  • Laboratory Evaluation of an Electro-Pneumatic Sampling Method for Real-Time Soil Sensing
    The eventual goal of this work is to integrate the EP system into a shank, and development … An electro-pneumatic regulator (EPR) valve (ITV3000 series, SMC Corp., Indianapolis, Ind.) was used to regulate system air pressure.
  • Plastics and its properties
    EMV equipment 185 EP 182, 184 EP resins 187, 188, 190, 191 Extender 180, 182, 187 color … … enamel spiders 184 black corundum 180 barite 180, 183 shrinkage 185 shrinkage behavior 182 silanes 177 silicon carbide 187 silicate-hollow sphere 185 silicon compounds 183 Sillimanit 186 SMC 182, 184 tips of … … wollastonite 179, 188 cell regulators 182 cell hollow space …
  • Polymer Engineering
    As viscosity regulators , epoxilierte fatty acids are preferred. … amounts of the viscosity of house of niedrigviskoser reaction resins like UP- and EP resins or PVC … … as thickener the resins determined for the processing in form of resin mats ( SMC ) or molding masses …
  • Dubbel
    … E 71, E 68, -, BMC E 71 -, resin-fiber-reinforced composites E 71 -, SMC E of 71 … … pump-nozzle-unit P 69 -, series injection pump P 67 -, much material motor P 63 -, pin nozzles P 70 injecting systems (Jetronic) Q 46 injecting process P 67 Einspur in model Q 32 adjusting values of the regulator X 12 adjusting angle … … center N 46 enzyme kinetics N 46 epoxy resins Q 109 epoxy resins EP E 71 EPROM …
  • Medium-energy physics program. Quarterly report for the period ending April 30, 1973
    A preliminary design for the controls for the stopped muon channel ( SMC ) line was completed. The rack hous- ing the regulators and interlocks for the four power supplies on this line was … … HRS), (C), plus the beam lines leading to these areas, (LB, LC, and EP ), comprise the Area …
  • Tenascin‐C enhances crosstalk signaling of integrin αvβ3/PDGFR‐β complex by SRC recruitment promoting PDGF‐induced proliferation and migration in smooth muscle...
    During neointimal formation, TNC induced by various growth factors including PDGF may act on SMCs , in an autocrine fashion, as a critical regulator of cell behavior by modulating the signaling pathway. Barrett TB, Benditt EP .
  • Dubbel
    … H 21 -, Druckluftöler H 21 -, Mikroöler H 21 compressed air chain train U 20 pressure measuring technique W 17 pressure center B 46 printed dot Q 100 pressure regulator H 17, H 21 … … reinforced composites E 79 -, SMC E of 79 Dyname … Epoxy resins EP E 80 EPROM X 14 earthwork machines U 87 -, excavator U 88 -, backhoe loader …
  • Bench to Bedside Nitric Oxide in Emergency Medicine
    Increased cGMP leads to smooth muscle cell ( SMC ) relaxation. … NO research is a ‘‘hot topic’’ in the basic sciences, an emergency physician ( EP ) may ask, ‘‘What … Nitric oxide, formerly known as EDRF,1,2 is a sol- uble gas that is considered to be the primary reg- ulator of vasomotor tone.
  • Tissue culture and plant propagation of Gomphrena officinalis — a Brazilian medicinal plant
    No response was obtained on MS basal medium in the absence of growth regulators or when MS … 4:528-532 Figueiredo-Ribeiro RCL, Dietrich SMC , Chu EP , Machado de Carvalho MA, Vieira CCJ & Graziano TT .
  • Cardiovascular development: towards biomedical applicability
    OT, outflow tract; SV, sinus venosus; PEO, proepicardial organ; AVC, atrioventricular cushion; EPDC, epicardium-derived cell; Ep , epicardium; V, ventricle; A, atrium; AVS, atrioventricular sulcus; EC, endothelial cell; SMC , smooth muscle cell; Fb, fibroblast, CA, coronary artery; Ao, aorta. … antisense study we now know that ets-1 and ets-2 are key regulators of epicardial EMT …

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