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    Laser Cutting and Welding Machines - (280 companies)
    Laser cutting machines and laser welding machines use a high-powered laser to cut or perforate plates or sheets made of: metal plastic rubber glass stone foam composite materials Features Laser cutting is a computer numeric controlled (CNC...
    Stencil Machines - (30 companies)
    Specific types include laser-cut SMT solder paste stencils, BGA stencils, and SMT BGA rework stencils. An acronym for ball-grid array, BGA is a common integrated circuit (IC) package type for stencil machines. Types. There are many different types...
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    Lasers - (693 companies)
    ...for aligning machines. The table below characterizes many common laser types. Laser Type. Medium type. Pump. Typical wavelength. Applications. Carbon dioxide. Gas. Electrical discharge. 10.6 mm. Cutting, welding, surgery. Dye. Dye. Laser or lamp...
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    Solder - (243 companies)
    ...consists of a solder alloy and a heat source, commonly a soldering iron or soldering gun, to melt and flow the solder into place. Soldering machines are more advanced pieces of equipment that provide additional features beyond manual soldering techniques...
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    Laser Cutting Services - (821 companies)
    Laser Cutting Services Information. Laser cutting services use industrial-grade lasers to cut metals, plastics, rubber, glass, stone, foam, and composite materials. Laser cutting is a CNC-controlled, non-contact, thermal process that provides quick...
    SMT Manufacturing Equipment - (140 companies)
    Surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing equipment is used to populate printed circuit boards (PCB). This includes soldering machines, ovens, component placement, paste depositors and screen and stencils. SMT manufacturing equipment is used...
    Die Cutters and Die Cutting Machines - (144 companies)
    Die cutters and die cutting machines convert web or sheet materials into shapes. They are used to process woven cloth, non-woven textiles, and rubber sheets. Types. There are two basic types of die cutters and die cutting machines: clicker presses...
    Wire Cutting Machines - (52 companies)
    ...pipe used in all kinds of construction applications, including heating, ventilation, and cooling. Tube cutters can use carbon dioxide based lasers, high-speed water jets, or plasma oxyfuel flames for cutting copper tubing. Wire cutting machines also...
    Laser Engraving and Laser Marking Machines - (254 companies)
    Laser engraving and laser marking machines use a high-powered laser to mark or scribe materials with text, images, patterns, and graduations. Some products are used to mark conductive or non-conductive metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, or composite...
    Laser Machining Services - (213 companies)
    ...of machining capabilities, some laser machining services specialize in cutting, drilling, etching, marking, milling, and skiving operations for semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Other laser machining services machine ceramics and silicon...

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  • Plastic solder paste stencil for surface mount technology
    The application of a laser cut plastic solder paste stencil is a resourceful process that may used in electronic manufacturing, particularly for rapid prototyping of SMT boards or short runproduction. .... This project has proved the effective use of the Helisys Rapid Prototyping machine as a resource to…
  • Machine and Process Capability Analysis in SMT Manufacturing
    About 60 to 70 00 of all failures in SMT Board Production are generated during the printing .... Machine and process capability measurements and investigation enable the approval of Quality Capability to customers. .... Process capability of a solder paste printer is measured by running a highly accurate glass board with glue dots (or solder paste) and a specific laser cut stencil .
  • :: New Materials Zone ::
    Additionally, the company has Europe's most advanced laser cutting machines , in-house. .... flexibility, all of which bring significant user benefits by providing the most suitable stencil for any application. .... allows a multitude of different components to be catered for, from the smallest SMT BGA and discreet…
  • Reliability of soldered joints in CSPs of various designs and mounting conditions
    The sample fabrication procedure follows the conventional SMT process without using any special apparatuses. .... Solder paste printing entails using a stencil that contains aper- tures that will align with the pads .... The stencil employed was manufactured by cutting stainless steel foil with a laser cutting machine .
  • Stencil evaluation of ultra fine pitch solder paste printing process
    Through EDS analysis, the residue material generated in laser cutting process is organic and it can't be effectively removed by laser electro-polishing process. .... Stencil printing quality will be affected by laser machine stability. .... It is critical to meet the solder volume requirements for SMT connector and BGA components with coplanarity…
  • Head on pillow defects in BGAs solder joints
    The lead-free solder pastes were printed on the PCBs by laser cut steel stencil (127 11m of thickness) using automatic printing machine MPM Accuflex Speedline Technology. .... The first SMT process was done with the profile A.
  • Board level reliability evaluation of RF PA module vias
    The units were mounted using standard SMT process using high-volume equipment set. .... boards were first printed with Heraeus F369SN63-90M3 (Sn63Ph37, no-clean, type 3) solder paste using a 120 microns thick laser cut , electropolished stencil . .... The units were then placed on the board using pick and place machine , and reflow soldered at…
  • Applications of sealed CO2 lasers for the microelectronics industry
    The applications in the microelectronics industry can be broadly classified into four major categories: Ceramic Processing for Thick/Thin Films, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) & Flex Circuit Board Drilling and Routing, Solder Mask Cutting for SMT and Microwelding for the packaging industry. .... The excellent pulse performance of sealed lasers is key in microelectronics applications because they minimize heat affected .... This is critical where thermally sensitive components are in close proximity to machined areas. .... Lasers are also used to cut intricate profiles in solder mask stencils used in Surface Mount Technology.
  • Motor Reflector - Motor Reflector Manufacturers, Suppliers
    SMT solder reflow oven,small and economic reflow oven The unique advanced long life heating system 1. .... [ Related Keywords : Pick place machine , led machine, reflow oven, stencil printer ]. .... IDMLASER CLAYA V-1325 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine .
  • :: New Materials Zone ::
    The manufacturing technique is being increasingly recognised by the industry as the optimum and most cost-effective method of producing such stencils in a single manufacturing process, without the need for subsequent post-forming cutting or smoothing operations. .... different components to be catered for, such as fine and ultra-fine pitch SMT components, BGA and … roll activation technique, across the company's range of enhanced stencils, including PEF, precision laser and laser-formed .... • Read More News for Photochemical Machining (PCM) .