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  • Surfactants
    detergent manufacturers and toll sulfonation for them, as well as lignosulfonates and natural soaps .
  • Specialty Surfactants
    Some of these intermediate-size manufacturers toll -produce for the basic producers or for large end users (e.g., the major soap manufacturers ).
  • Nonionic Surfactants
    A few major ethoxylate producers concentrate on supplying the large soap and detergent manufacturers that use the ethoxylates in household detergents, either as is, or by converting them to the alcohol ether sulfates. These ethoxylate producers are usually basic in detergent alcohols or have toll arrangements or exclusive large volume …
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    A continuous method for the recovery of Tall61 applies Z@/o aIler Tallol manufacturer in USA now already almost rias gives a hohere yield and a better product by lower installation and manufacturing costs as the so far iibliche discontinuous method. … 1) the of the black alkali separated, on 500/0 Tallol-Aquivalent concentrated and soap preheated on rd …
  • The return of the Samurai
    The international competition on the global automotive market had unlocked cost management, model offensiven and modified production … Thus, Japanese automotive manufacturers lost its supremacy in the field of the technological and produktionstechnischen progress and … … had allowed to increase again continuously the burst the yen of the " bubble economy" and therewith …
  • Bio-Based Anionic Surfactants
    Excludes natural soaps and lignosulfonates. These estimates include captive consumption by major detergent manufacturers of surfactants of their own product or through toll sulfonation. b.
  • Solar cells of Folien‐Silizium: New materials of the photovoltaics
    … liquid-solid-phase boundary of about 10 ° C something more compact and costs allow sparendere production … … through the silicon melt and drawn in parallel upwardly of a material that conceals manufacturers (see "Internet"). Therefore, a silicon-film like a soap skin that solidifies to a band extends between both threads …
  • CR4 - Thread: Soap or Liquid Detergent Making
    … year," says Brian Sansoni, vice president of US-based trade group The Soap and Detergent Association … … and for the cleaning industry in general there have always been innovations, but manufacturers are now being … As with all other markets, the firming energy complex has taken its toll .
  • Magazine papers
    Classical investigation methods are connected the time effort to significant costs and gr6gerem that are avoided according … Provided to reach such Schnelltesteeine sufficient accuracy, genfigen they, to the food manufacturer a rapid judgment fibers … in Switzerland [With engl. Zusammenfass.] (Basel, Switzerland, Cantonal laboratory) fats, soaps , paint 81, 555-558 (1979).
  • Economic part and club messages
    Tallow was on the part of the soap manufacturer s e asked generally well that e M a i t i t M i t, but also in Holland, slaughters have significantly relaxed themselves so daB the offer on supply of inlandkchem … In the middle of May, 53-54 sh. cost good Hamnieltalg in London, but in the meantime, the price is at 45-48 sh. the cwt, ako about 12-16 M the 100 fallen kg.