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  • Managing PdM with Web-based Software - The Chip Program
    technologies needed to effectively monitor a typical industrial plant? At Exelon Corporation, a Microsoft Access software program call CHIP (Component Health Indicator Program) was developed in 2000 to address this scenario. This paper will explore the CHIP implementation, and the overall effectiveness
  • Software Review: How to Program MINDSTORMS Robots
    By Raquel Kozlowski and Corey Watt The program is based on LabView software from National Instruments Corp., which manufactures software and hardware that scientists and engineers use to create specialized instruments. NXT-G was made to help stimulate the minds of younger generations
  • Software Review: Converting PDFs to Almost Any Format
    Need to quickly and easily turn PDFs into different file formats? You might appreciate deskUNPDF Professional V2.0 software. The program lets users convert PDFs to Word for editing, HTML for Web presentation, Excel for recalculations, and -- interestingly -- to formats based on the OpenDocument
  • Software Review: Free software for sharing DWFs
    Autodesk Design Review is intuitive software that lets users mark up and measure DWF design files, without the original CAD program. Best yet, the software comes as a free download from . Other programs there include DWG TrueView, a standalone that translates DWGs to DWFs, and DWF Writer, a printer
  • Software Review: Software links AutoCAD data to SharePoint
    Many corporations use Microsoft SharePoint Server as a way to exchange, manage, and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents throughout the organization. But because the information repository is geared towards the business software, it provides no effective way to handle AutoCAD engineering data
  • Software Review: "Test Driving " Preview Software
    lets users give the developer's "preview " software a whirl, online, before its official distribution. Designers in industries such as engineering, architecture, manufacturing, automotive, and entertainment will find plenty of nifty programs to try. Project Draw is the first to catch my eye. Click
  • Software Interrupt Techniques
    This application note describes a unique method for implementing interrupts in software on the PIC16C5X series of microcontrollers. This method takes advantage of the PIC16C5X?s architecture which allows changing the program counter under software control. Up to eight interrupt lines are possible
  • Software Enabled Control
    . influences, real-time computing platforms and software design tools, and. much else besides. The ' 'Software Enabled Control ' ' program is ongoing and the chapters in this volume do not. document the culmination of the research. But with some years of effort completed by a number. of multidisciplinary
  • Math software pushes the parametrics
    Probably one of the best features in the mathematical-engineering program Mathcad Version 14.0 is that it works directly with Pro/Engineer. The equations in Mathcad (bottom) describe the electric field for a portion of a four-filament helical antenna. The plot shows the summed patterns from each
  • Embedded Software - An Overview
    To implement an embedded application, a wide range of software choices must be made before implementation is started. Some typical decisions might be: - Should I use an operating system or not? - Does my application need real-time performance? - Do I want my application to execute in a 16-bit
  • Software for designing springs
    , fill in a few design values, select a material, and hit Calculate. The software crunches through its equations for the remaining values and then some. There is a little more to it than that, however, because the program presents several options. For instance, beam springs can be cantilevered

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