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  • Managing PdM with Web-based Software - The Chip Program
    technologies needed to effectively monitor a typical industrial plant? At Exelon Corporation, a Microsoft Access software program call CHIP (Component Health Indicator Program) was developed in 2000 to address this scenario. This paper will explore the CHIP implementation, and the overall effectiveness
  • Software Interrupt Techniques
    This application note describes a unique method for implementing interrupts in software on the PIC16C5X series of microcontrollers. This method takes advantage of the PIC16C5X?s architecture which allows changing the program counter under software control. Up to eight interrupt lines are possible
  • Software Enabled Control
    . influences, real-time computing platforms and software design tools, and. much else besides. The ' 'Software Enabled Control ' ' program is ongoing and the chapters in this volume do not. document the culmination of the research. But with some years of effort completed by a number. of multidisciplinary
  • Embedded Software - An Overview
    To implement an embedded application, a wide range of software choices must be made before implementation is started. Some typical decisions might be: - Should I use an operating system or not? - Does my application need real-time performance? - Do I want my application to execute in a 16-bit
  • Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing
    AN1103 Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing Initialization Author: Tom Perme Microchip Technology Inc. To begin, the hardware must be properly initialized. A detailed depiction of the proper settings for the PIC16F88X family is shown in Appendix A: "Register INTRODUCTION Settings
  • Design Software - Maximizing Machine Tool Potential with CAM Software - 01/08
    How CAD/CAM Is Making a Programmer 's Job Easier Arming yourself with the appropriate information will help you select the right software to help your shop work smarter not harder. How Well Does Your CAM System Know Your Postprocessor? Many CAM software products produce toolpath process data
  • Smart Computing Article - Windows 98 Software Errors
    OK, the program shuts down. Identify when the error message first occurred. Also, determine if you recently made changes to the computer; for example, you installed software or changed the hardware configuration. Clean booting your computer can help you identify the cause of the message. To Clean
  • Software Implementation of I²C Bus Master
    his application note describes the software implementation of I 2 C interface routines for the PIC16CXXX family of devices. Only the master mode of I 2 C interface is implemented in this application note. This implementation is for a single master communication to multiple slave I 2 C devices. Some
  • Fluid Flow Software Tools Help Avoid Engineering Errors
    for common hardware. Software tools also may permit the user to add specialty items to customize the data available in the program.
  • 2006 TOTY Finalist Profiles: Pfizer Common PAT Software Team
    By Paul Thomas, Managing Editor Pfizer s Global PAT teams have played a leading role in the FDA-led PAT initiative. An enabling team for this Global PAT Program within Pfizer is the CPAT Project Core Team, which is dedicated to identifying commodity software for Pfizer. Members include: team
  • When Excel Isn't Enough
    Why does one need a software program to generate charts, when spreadsheet software itself can produce a variety of chart formats?

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