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  • Generating a Soil Moisture Characteristic with the WP4
    A moisture release curve, also known as a soil moisture characteristic, relates the water potential of a particular soil to its water content. This information is important for describing water storage in soil and water availability to plants, and for predicting water and contaminant transport
  • Monitoring and Recording Soil Moisture Using Wireless Data Collection
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided an economical wireless monitoring system for a government organization undertaking an environmental project measuring the moisture content of peat moss soil. The remote monitoring data would be used in climate prediction efforts, so real-time monitoring was needed
  • Measuring Water Content in Soil-less Media using ECH2O Sensors (.pdf)
    Since the introduction of the ECH2O soil moisture probe, there has been considerable interest in using them to measure volumetric water content of soil-less media such as potting soils, rockwool, and perlite. While it was possible to measure volumetric water content with the EC-10 and EC-20
  • World Weather: The Soil Has a Role Too
    soil moisture daily by airplane, using sensors that are prototypes for future satellites, with intermittent back-up from satellites. Together, the fleet mapped a 24-mile-wide rectangular path stretching 150 miles and bisecting the middle of Oklahoma, almost from its border with Texas right up to its
  • Determining the -15 Bar (Permanent Wilt) Water Content of Soils with the WP4 (.pdf)
    A soil moisture characteristic is a relationship between water potential and water content for a soil. Information from a moisture characteristic is frequently used to determine the plant available water from the soil.
  • How Wet's Our Planet?
    Tom Jackson has his eye on 2010. That's when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will use the Hydros satellite, scheduled for launch that year, exclusively to monitor daily soil moisture change around the globe for the first time in history. Daily soil moisture monitoring
  • Hot Cotton: New System Senses Water Stress
    Water stress in crops is caused by drought or poor irrigation. Traditional methods of identifying water stress use sensors to measure water pressure in individual, removed leaves, or the flow of sap through the plant stem. Monitoring soil moisture is also commonly used to determine crop water use
  • Forum
    , in Beltsville, Maryland, working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other agencies. This includes aerial and satellite monitoring of soil moisture as part of the global water cycle and in relationship to global warming, tillage techniques, and pest infestations. It also

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