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  • Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment-Image
    Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment - (384 companies)
    ...and be moved on robots or reciprocators, just as nozzle spray guns are. Disc rotary applicators spin the coating media out radially. Rotating heads that deliver paint horizontally 360 around the head are useful on an omega loop conveyer finishing lines...
  • Thin Film Equipment-Image
    Thin Film Equipment - (304 companies)
    ...or surfaces using CVD, PVD, plasma etching, and thermal oxidation or ion implantation. Thin film equipment is widely applied in the semiconductor or wafer processing, cutting tool coating, and optical films. Types. Coating system types of thin film...
    Dip Coaters - (29 companies) with sol-gel coatings, atmospheric conditions are manipulated allowing the solvent to evaporate. As a result, the gelatin process forms a transparent film around an object. The method is employed in the coating of sizable or complex substrates...
    Spin Coaters - (18 companies)
    Spin coaters deposit a very thin layer of liquid or resin coatings, often a photoresist, onto the surface of the spinning part, typically a silicon wafer or thin substrate. Spin coaters deposit a very thin layer of liquid or resin coatings, often...
  • Gel Elastomers-Image
    Gel Elastomers - (74 companies)
    Gel elastomers are highly viscoelastic polymer gel materials that have excellent shock absorption and damping characteristics. They are available in a variety of material types and grades. How to Select Gel Elastomers. Gel elastomers are highly...
    Semiconductor Equipment Repair Services - (40 companies) fabrication and wafer processing equipment may repair, rebuild, and refurbish film coating, photo-optical, and wafer flat aligners; chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment for epitaxial silicon, silicide, or rapid thermal processing; crystal growth...
    Gel Electrophoresis Equipment - (65 companies)
    Gel electrophoresis equipment, instruments and supplies are used to separate macromolecules, either nucleic acids or proteins, on the basis of size, electric charge, and other physical properties. Gel electrophoresis equipment, instruments...
    Metal Spinning Services - (104 companies)
    Metal spinning services use a positive-pressure process where rotating tool (lathe) or roller shapes a spinning sheet metal workpiece such as a pipe, camshaft, or crankshaft. How to Select Metal Spinning Services. Metal spinning services use...
    Industrial Coatings - (1680 companies) the tip of the spray gun by an electrode. It allows the workpiece to be completely coated with a film of uniform thickness, including normally inaccessible areas. Spin or centrifugal coating is an effective way to cover small metal parts and flat...
    Roof Coatings - (102 companies)
    ...and cure time, volatile organic chemical (VOC) content, viscosity, specific gravity, humidity, and particle size. Pot-life time, an additional parameter for roof coatings, is the time between the mixing stage and the gel stage at which a coating remains...

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