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  • Projected Optical Effects
    Once we have dealt with a collection of related details including equipment mounting, image perspective corrections, power, soundproofing and film handling, we are missing only one key ingredient - some film with the right little pictures on it.
  • PET Bottles Used for Soundproofing
    Toyoda Gosei Co. and Kanebo Gohsen Ltd. (Japan) announced on December 16 that they have jointly developed the recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and film into a soundproofing material for auto engines.
    The main holding area of the EDC was constructed within one of the studio’s soundstages, an enormous, temperature-controlled, soundproof space in which film sets are built.
  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    … void filling, furniture, mattresses, carpet underlays, cold storage applics.; flexible foam for cushioning, upholstered furniture, mattresses, automotive engineering, textiles, pkg.; rigid foam for furniture, pkg., building insulation, marine flotation, auto components, cigarette filters, soundproofing , transporta- tion insulation; film -former in cosmetics; sorbent …
  • Advantage of Monitoring Skin Vibration as an Index of Arteriovenous Fistular Blood Flow
    The basic procedures involved in developing a skin vibration monitoring device are to replace the microphone of the fistular bruit monitoring device (1) with a film vibration sensor and then remove the soundproofing material on the microphone.
  • Fluoropolymers in automotive applications
    top layers of bumpers, providing protection from hydro- carbons and scratch resistant surface;7 colored high gloss films laminated to car body panels; soundproofing vehicle engines;7 actuator in piezoelectric speakers placed in car doors.8 .
  • The Clitoral Photoplethysmograph: A New Way of Assessing Genital Arousal in Women
    The experiment took place in a closed, dimly lit, and soundproof experimental room containing the signal amplifier and a computer screen on which the film clips were presented.
  • Humoral transmission of sleep and wakefulness
    For this lourpose, we first observed und filmed the intact free- moving and well-adapted rabbit (reeipient) on a table in a soundproof room during 20 min before the injection.
  • Lee de Forest
    … a picture recording camera within an evac- uated chamber in order to prevent the audible generation of sounds that would be picked up by the microphones and recorded on the sound film .”75 In this improvement … … was enclosed in a soundproof enclosure.
    All vibrational recordings were also filmed using a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (Logitech, Fremont, CA), mounted on the inside top of the soundproof chamber.