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  • HVAC Fans and Blowers-Image
    HVAC Fans and Blowers - (320 companies)
    ...and blowers include: Vents or ventilation fans. Plenum fans. Duct fans. Duct blowers. Roof fans. Exhaust fans. Inline fans. Tube axial fans. Vane axial fans. Centrifugal blowers. Performance Specifications. HVAC fans and blowers differ in terms of performance...
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    Air Flow Rate
    Static Pressure
    Media Temperature
  • Fans and Blowers (industrial)-Image
    Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1517 companies)
    Circulating fans can also be the solution to problems such as heat stratification, dampness, and general air stagnation. They can provide general ventilation in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications including factories, warehouses...
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  • Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials-Image
    Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials - (408 companies)
    Soundproofing and acoustic materials are used to attenuate, deaden, or control sound and noise levels from machinery and other sources for environmental amelioration and regulatory compliance. Soundproofing and acoustic materials are used...
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  • Duct Heaters-Image
    Duct Heaters - (101 companies)
    Duct heaters are used to heat moving gas streams. They are installed in the middle of a moving air / gas stream in order to provide forced flow heat convection. A duct heater can also be used to radiantly heat an object as the thermal energy...
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  • Wiring Ducts-Image
    Wiring Ducts - (171 companies)
    Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Wiring ducts are rigid trays typically used as raceways for cables and wires within electrical enclosures. Wiring ducts, along with conduit...
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    Breathing and Ventilation Air Systems - (241 companies)
    Breathing air systems and ventilation air systems provide reliable and safe air supply sources to workers in hazardous industrial environments. There are many different types of breathing and ventilation air systems. Types. Examples include: air...
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    Bath and Ventilation Fans - (24 companies)
    Bath and ventilation fans promote air exchange and remove humidity from structure interiors. Bath and ventilation fans initiate an exhaust airstream from structure interiors. This is done to remove humidity and stagnant air masses, and to draw fresh...
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    Bore and Duct Spacers - (15 companies)
    Bore and duct spacers keep pipes, conduit, and cable racking supported and evenly spaced for underground encasement. Bore and duct spacers are used to keep pipes, conduit, and cable racking supported and evenly spaced for underground encasement...
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    Pipe and Duct Markers - (63 companies)
    How to Select Pipe and Duct Markers. Image Credit: Grainger Industrial Supply, NADCO Tapes & Labels, Inc. Pipe and Duct markers are adhesive-backed or snap-around markers that are attached to pipes or ducts in order to identify the contents...
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    Air Hose and Air Duct Hose - (495 companies)
    Air hose and air duct hose is used in pneumatic systems and controls, or as supply lines for pneumatic devices and tools. Air hose and air duct hose is used to transport compressed air, gases, or lightweight bulk solids in air. It is typically...
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  • Institute News and Radio Notes
    Meth- ods of soundproofing ventilating ducts and floors were given and sam- ples of acoustically lined ducts were shown.
  • Building construction - of the principle to detail
    2 corridor 3 support 4 inner facade: the thermal protection- insulating glazing in wood construction 5 supply air channel for mechanical ventilation of interiors 6 in the corridor space protected arranged sun protection blind 20 vertical section through the glass double facade …
  • Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences (Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences) > Aeronautical Reviews
    … from instrument installations and the engine and control cables; making seat and back upholstery, cabin wall and head coverings easily removable; waterproof soundproofing ; safety belt not re … … an engineer to apply; ventilation and heating systems; cowl and duct design points; retracting mechanism …
  • History of development of bivalve masonry and the new norm DIN 1053‐12
    and to recess the openings for connection with the outer air down in insulating layers which can serve for ventilation and then terminates best in a channel by the chimney.
  • Punch the Spanlose production
    … bottom guiding strip for slides 9, 2 angles weak current cables 8 admitted 4 slides, 5 base bodies, into base plate 6 cap, 3 commercial contact with contact path KW, 7 insulating plate, of sheet metal … … after occurred conversion, K ventilation duct .