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  • Introduction of Cross Section Specimen Preparation
    Cross Section Specimen Preparation Device Using Argon Ion Beam for SEM Cross Section Polisher (CP) SM-09010
  • Medical Specimen Transport System Success Story
    An OEM wanted to launch a solution to provide hospitals and laboratories with an automation material handling solution for transporting fragile test tube specimens within a laboratory setting. Our client required absolute cleanliness, rigorous maintenance and zero-risk safety standards for handling
  • Structure Analysis of Fine Precipitates in Metals Using an FIB-TEM (HF-2200, FB-2000A TEM 110)
    A specimen preparation technique using FIB/TEM systems permits an excellent specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy allowing 0.1 um or thinner specimens. This technique makes it possible to check the specimen conditions during FIB milling by SEM/STEM imaging at a high voltage
  • High Temperature In-Situ Microscopy and EELS Spectroscopy of a Metal Precipitate (HF-2000 TEM 109)
    The high temperature in-situ microscopy technique, which allows continuous observation of changes of fine structures during heating process inside the specimen chamber of a microscope, has been found useful for revealing a mechanism for changes of inner structures in R&D of advanced materials
  • Site-Specific 3 Dimensional Characterization Using an FIB Micro-Sampling Technique (FB-2000A, HD2000, HF-2200 STEM 7)
    FIB (Focused Ion Beam) systems allow fine milling of site-specific areas. These systems have been extensively used for TEM specimen preparation and development and/or failure analysis of semiconductor devices. An FIB micro-sampling technique, which ahs been developed from the FIB technique
  • JEM-9320FIB Product Brochure
    Nanoscale observation and analysis are increasingly important in the nanotechnology era. Based on electron- and ion-optics technologies developed by JEOL for many years, the JEM-9320FIB system can prepare cross sections from local areas of STEM/TEM specimens for semiconductor failure analysis
  • Standardize Testing Operation Improve Testing Efficiency
    Abstract: this article briefs on how to improve testing efficiency of gas permeation instruments of differential pressure method through measures such as the standardization of specimen preparation and temperature controlling. Abstract: Based on the practical application of VAC-V1, this article
  • Medical Device Link .
    , as explained in this article, their design can further reduce the occasions for data entry errors and misreadings. Bar codes are used in clinical analysis for specimen and reagent identification. A contained specimen --that is, a clinical sample taken from a patient --is usually bar coded with a unique
  • Three Dimensaional Observation of Functional Protein (H-7600 TEM 119)
    processing after observation of sequential specimen tilt images and 3 dimensional image reconstruction, have been utilized. For reconstruction of quality images using the electron beam CT, acquisition of a few ten to a few hundred images using a sequentially tilted specimen at large angles is required
  • Hitachi Backscatter Detector for S-3000 Series SEMs
    to the composition and topography of the specimen. The contrast of the backscattered electron image depends on three factors: (1) Atomic number of the specimen material. (2) Accelerating Voltage (3) Specimen tilt angle with relation to the primary beam. 4-Segment Backscattered Detector
  • Ultra Low Voltage Imaging with Hitachi's S-4800 FE-SEM
    Field emission SEMs are used primarily for their performance at low voltage. The brightness of the source provides the much needed signal for high-resolution secondary electron imaging. Microscopists often work in this region to see such benefits as fine surface detail and minimal specimen charging

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