Products/Services for Spray Attachment Kitchen Faucets

  • Sink Faucets-Image
    Sink Faucets - (359 companies)
    ...service faucets can be used in food service applications. Products are typically installed in institutional or restaurant kitchen areas. Laboratory water faucets are constructed for use in laboratory applications including school...
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  • Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment-Image
    Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment - (400 companies)
    Sprayers and spray coating equipment refers to any component used in a variety of industrial spraying processes, including application tools, handling equipment, and supplemental machines. They are used in the process of atomizing coatings, paints...
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  • Spray Valves-Image
    Spray Valves - (46 companies)
    Spray valves are precision dispensing valves designed to provide precise fluid dispensation depending on applications. The dispensed output can flat or round. Dispensed product is sprayed onto target area, rather than placed directly on it. Spray...
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    Construction and Demolition Attachments - (243 companies)
    Construction and demolition attachments are specialized implements that are attached and used with heavy machinery to perform a job. Image Credit: Bobcat Company. Construction and demolition attachments are specialized implements that are attached...
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  • Lifting and Rigging Attachments-Image
    Lifting and Rigging Attachments - (644 companies)
    Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist between the hook and the item to be lifted. Items include sling release systems, product specific lifters, clamps and grapples. Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist...
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    Spray Shields - (15 companies)
    Spray shields are used to protect workers and sensitive equipment from leaking flanges and pipe joints. Spray shields are shields or wraps that cover flanged pipe joints. Spray shields prevent and reduce injury to workers and damage to equipment...
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    Thermal Spray Coatings - (70 companies)
    Thermal spray coatings are made of metal, ceramic, composite, and polymer materials that are engineered for deposition using arc wire, combustion wire, plasma, high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), vacuum plasma spraying (VPS), or other specialized spray...
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    Spray Painting Equipment (Paint Sprayers) - (262 companies)
    Paint spraying equipment and paint sprayers are used to atomize and propel a concentrated mist of a finish coating onto a surface. This includes the equipment used to directly apply the spray coating, as well as a variety of supporting equipment...
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    Thermal Spray Equipment - (50 companies)
    Thermal spray equipment accelerates the dispersion of heated coating material from a spray torch towards the workpiece. The deposited material forms a coating on the surface. Specifications for thermal spray equipment include technology and type...
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    Spray Tanks and Cups - (50 companies)
    Spray tanks and cups are vessels that hold paints or coatings for use with spray guns, applicators, and atomizers. Some devices are pressurized. There are several basic types of products. Gravity-fed spray tanks and cups are top-mounted vessels...
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  • CR4 - Thread: Fluid Dynamics Mystery (To Me)
    My kitchen sink fixture has separate hot & cold faucets , and a spray attachment on the spout.
    The kitchen sink faucet was a single-lever type equipped with an aerator and separate spray attach- ment .
  • Food Safety Handbook
    Investigators discovered that although a kitchen sink with potable water inside the school had been available for filling water coolers used at the day camp, counselors filled some of the coolers from a hose attached to an outdoor faucet . The hose and spray nozzle were also used to wash garbage pails; in addition, feces of unknown …
  • Do It Yourself: Installing a Kitchen Faucet at
    Finally insert the hand sprayhose through the spray holder and attach the hose to the hose outlet. The pieces to your faucet are now installed, please contact your local plumber if any questions arise while changing your old kitchen faucet for a new one.
  • Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods, 9th Edition
    A variety of faucet types is available, either with separate hot and cold controls or with a … … valve similar to those on tubshower combinations is often installed to serve a hose-mounted spray accessory. Several appliances are available as attachments to kitchen sinks, including garbage disposal units, instant water heaters with a tap, and small water coolers with a tap.