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  • Wire-formed Rings
    Split rings formed and cut from spring wire of uniform cross-sectional size and shape are known as wire-formed rings. Rings are available in many cross-sectional shapes, but the most common have rectangular or round cross sections. Rectangular-section rings are made for internal or external
  • Wire Rope Lanyards Save Costs for Plant Care Robots
    partners in labor-intensive tasks. They contacted Pivot Point for help with a particular fastening challenge in an attempt to replace a torsion spring with a wire rope lanyard for cost savings, and equivalent function. Read the full case study to see how various samples and design help from Pivot
  • Applications for Spring Pins with Wire Termination
    Both 0933-0 and 0962-0 can be used in single position applications and feature a press-fit barb on the spring body for the creation of multi-spring pin interconnect packages.
  • Spring Index
    The spring index is the relationship between the mean diameter and wire diameter. The equation is explained in this article. This is a very important relationship to consider for manufacturing ease and cost control. As a general rule the index should be above 3 and less than 20. Springs designed
  • Ask the Expert - Wave Spring Design Modifications
    manufacturing process involves edge coiling flat wire, we have the ability to control the amount of wire that is fed in each part. This gives us the ability to easily change most dimensions of the spring, and in this case, the ability to create a spring with a large gap. We can even create wave springs
  • Capital Spring and Customer Support: Engineering a Packaging Solution
    High-quality extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, wire forms, fourslide parts and small metal stampings have been manufactured by Capital Spring, an MW Industries Company, since 1945. Capital Spring evaluates and employs the latest CNC coiling technology and implements new
  • Small Investment Solves Snarled Torsion Spring Situation
    , torsion springs, compression springs, wire forms, four-slide parts and small metal stampings has evolved since 1945, all with an emphasis on customized service and reliance on advanced technologies.
  • When Round Wire is NOT the Best "Fit" for the Application
    The most common problem in spring design is obtaining as much force as possible in a small area. The area is usually a round cylinder with a minimum inside diameter, the shaft, and a maximum outside diameter, the hole. The least expensive and highest quality wire is always round in shape. However
  • CNC Wireforming, Wire with a twist
    The future of spring making... utilizing the new CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) wireforming machines coming from Japan and knew this was the future of spring making.
  • Tolerancing helical springs
    designer, tolerancing of helical springs is probably the trickiest part of the job and the most common issue with customers. One reason: The metal wire from which springs are formed can have widely varying mechanical properties between batches, especially tensile strength. Operators making
  • The best springs you haven't tried yet
    Flat wire wave springs offer the best balance of size and spring force. Here's what you need to know to design with these high-performance alternatives to traditional springs.
  • Designing with Smalley Wave Springs
    Smalley Wave Springs are a series of flat wire compression springs offering numerous functional advantages over traditional coil or compression springs. While providing the same force and deflection as a traditional coil spring, wave spring technology enhances load precision and cuts down
  • Brushless washer maker finds reliability in screwless connections
    . The Wago blocks use spring pressure alone to make electrical connections. Spring-pressure terminals automatically adjust to the size of the wire inserted. This eliminates concerns about loosening because of temperature cycling or vibration. And the constant dynamic pressure on the wire, plus the use

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  • ZASMHBA0001019
    Cold-drawn type 302 stainless steel spring wire ( specified in A S T M A 313) is high in heat resistance and has good corrosion resistance.
  • Titanium alloy springs
    Comparison of spring wire specifications .
  • ZCU91
    Elongation, $% in 2" Rockwell hardness itO Table 3 - MINIMUM WIRE STRENGTH Table 4 - ASTM WIRE SPECIFICATION ( Spring Temper) Tensile Strength, psi Tensile Strength Temper Min.