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  • Food Industries Manual
    …extending the use of the truck and rendering it more valuable to the user include crane attachments for lifting unit loads; rotating heads … for supporting high loads; squeeze clamps for the easy handling … the tines of the fork ; clamps designed to draw…
  • Handbook of Food Factory Design
    to be poured or emptied – Backrests for supporting high loads – Squeeze clamps for the easy handling of boxes, bales, drums, and loads not … pallet load, clamps designed to draw the load on to the forks , scoops for the handling .... High- Lift Trucks .
  • Handbook Factory Planning and Design
    Rigid and adjustable forks which lift the charge carriers are wide spread. .... Side grippers or squeeze clamps require that the side walls of the charge carrier are correspond- ingly sturdy.
  • Carton Clamp Test Methodologies and the Effects on Load Containment and Retention
    …of $30.4bn with 944 405 machines sold in 2013.33 While most forklift trucks use their tines or forks to handle and move … include carton and multipurpose clamp attachments that allow the … sides rather than bottom, squeezing it to pick it .... Because of their often unpredictable weights, placing bales on pallets through lifting them from underneath is considered…
  • Microsystem Design
    front-end, 88 lift -off, 71 subtractive, 57 thermal constraints, 88 Process bias, 54, 90 Projected range … 567 model parameters, 594 principle of, 563 quartz, 578 specifications for, 593 tuning fork , 567 wine glass .... Reluctance, 121 Remanent flux density, 290 Residual stress, 196, 222, 226 in clamped structures, 255 measurement of, 259 of GLV beam, 551 of selected materials … from Rayleigh-Ritz method, 261 of doubly-clamped beam, 262 shift from squeezed -film damping, 338 undamped…
  • Cartons, Crates and Corrugated Board
    They are lifted not with forks , but with more specialized material handling equipment. .... Clamp handling uses a lift truck that squeezes the unit load between two platens.
  • Material flow technique
    After deflation of the stroke carriage, the clearing blade with its runners on the bottom lies. .... The hydraulic side valve The fork can transversely be moved for saving of time-consuming maneuvering movements .... Hydraulic clips and you sense pliers the load laterally or from above and down and compress this so, so that a lifting and method becomes possible (by pressungsunempfindlichen goods!).
  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Third Edition > MATERIALS HANDLING: MOBILE EQUIPMENT
    …bulk material and consists of a metal bucket mounted in place of the fork , with a dumping .... bucket for loading and transport is accomplished by tilting the lift truck’s mast forward and back. .... Squeeze clamp .
    This Loadclamp truck operates on a squeeze board principle gripping the stacks of crates gently but firmly without the use of forks or pallets as shown in Figs. 3 and 4. .... Vehicle design has been given a lot of thought, and where fork- lift operation of cased milk .... Load clamp truck lifting and stacking24 cases and bottles without stillage or pallet.