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  • Unique Qualities of Stainless Steel PH15-7MO
    PH15-7 grade stainless steel is categorized as a Precipitation Hardened ("PH") grade of stainless. The PH grades are used to allow fabrication in the soft, annealed condition, with subsequent hardening to the final spring temper required by part function. This material is completely unique
  • Comparative Analysis of Type 316 Stainless and 302/304, 420 Types
    Pins, stainless steel is often required for its high corrosion resistance. Coiled Spring Pins are most often manufactured from Type 302/304 and Type 420 stainless steel, but Type 316 is also available and is typically selected for its superior corrosion resistance. This paper takes a closer look at how
  • Frequently Asked Questions/Technical Information
    A: Different materials are better suited for different applications and environments. The Material Properties Table provides operating temperature ranges and other useful information. A: When heat-treated to spring temper, Stainless Steel becomes magnetic. Stainless Steel springs are slightly less
  • Liquor Heater Valves, The Anti-Scale Valves
    During the last several years Stainless Valve Co. has done some work with several customers on the application of our Stargate O-Port (R) valves in liquor heater applications. At the first customer's site our Stargate O-Port (R) valve together with a competing ball valve were installed in spring
  • Engineering Thin Medical Parts Through Photo Etching
    to these specialty materials, photo etching is. highly suitable for other metals including beryllium copper, stainless. steels, niobium, silver, brass and spring steels.
  • Brushless washer maker finds reliability in screwless connections
    of a stainless-steel spring, heads off the possibility of signal degradation from corrosion. The Wago blocks also reduce overall wiring and maintenance time, says PDQ electrical engineer Saul Escalante. PDQ went with blocks from Germantown, Wis.-based Wago because "We are considered the leaders
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Hamilton recently introduced the Softgrip Precision pipette, a liquid-transfer device that requires precise mating of a stainless-steel piston with a spring-loaded shaft, as well as a nearly zero-tolerance fit within a Teflon seal to maintain sampling accuracy and precision. Hamilton installed three
  • Medical Device Link .
    pressures and up to 25-psi back pressures. , 1384 Pompton Ave., Ste. B, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. A peristaltic pump maintains sterility in handling advanced live-cell pharmaceutical and biotechnological products that cannot survive valve transition or contact with stainless steel. The PD121 pump head uses
  • Wire-formed Rings
    Split rings formed and cut from spring wire of uniform cross-sectional size and shape are known as wire-formed rings. Rings are available in many cross-sectional shapes, but the most common have rectangular or round cross sections. Rectangular-section rings are made for internal or external
  • Superlative parts crowned at powder-metal competition
    parts have six pocket forms that hold locking pawl and spring elements. The parts sport an ultimate heat-treated tensile strength of 131 kpsi, an impact energy of 12 ft-lb, and a minimum 32 HRC hardness. P/M dropped part cost 20% compared to forged outer races. A complex, 316 stainless
  • 2009 Dodge Caliber R/T
    features stainless-steel technology, new thread design, and aluminum spring perches. The Caliber is a nice-looking vehicle with a roomy interior and raised seating similar to other small SUVs. While the interior and instrument panel are nicely laid out, its textured plastic interior could use

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