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  • A sensitive aerodynamic drag balance as an indicator of low air speeds
    Details of the balance arm Inset -Method of clamping torsion wire. .... A, graduated balance arm, stainless steel tubes, 2 5 mm outer diameter (approx. 0 1 in.)0 33 mm wall thickness … B, lt in. diameter disk with Q in diameter eccentric hole 22 s.w.g.; C , 24 s w g…
  • Making Starships and Stargates
    The stacks were clamped between a brass reaction disk 9 mm thick and aluminum cap 4.5 mm thick, both being 28 mm in diameter, secured with 6, 4–40 stainless steel socket head machine screws. .... This was mounted on the end of a very sensitive thrust balance suspended with C -Flex flexural bearings and equipped with coaxially mounted galinstan liquid metal contacts for power transfer to the device being tested.
  • Effect of substrate temperature on adhesion strength of plasma-sprayed nickel coatings
    …were the flat ends of cylindrical specimens, 53.8 mm long and 24.7 mm in diameter, made from either 304L austenitic stainless steel (com- position by weight: C -0.03%, Mn-2% … 12%, N-0.1%, balance Fe) or cobalt al .... Test specimens were heated by clamping them in a copper heater block (120 × 80 × 70…
  • Normal stress measurement by means of a jet thrust apparatus
    Symmetrically opposite ( c ) is an identical tube (g) which enters (d) then passes vertically downwards inside (d .... The slots are of width 0.25 in. and are fabricated from stainless steel ; the outside diameter is 3/s in. and each is held in place by a clamping nut (i) which is screwed over a retaining flange (j) on the nozzle .... At the upper end of the balance tube (d) is a gimballed tension point (k) from which…
  • Progress in vacuum technology
    The diaphragm D is of stainless steel, 20 microns in thickness, and is clamped , at a diameter of about 2.5 cm, between stainless - steel flanges F, the seal being formed by copper gaskets. .... The diaphragm forms a pair of differential condensers with discs C , and C,, insulation being effected by .... The condensers form part of a high-frequency bridge circuit whose out-of- balance signal, after amplification…
  • Investigation of the mechanical performance of young glass-ionomer cement using dynamic mechanical analysis
    The alumino-silicate glass powder and polyacrylic acid liquid were weighed on a balance to an accuracy .... The cement was then packed to excess into the mould where its exposed edge was overlaid with a thin sheet of polycarbonate before being covered with a stainless steel plate and clamped with moderate pressure. .... It was then placed in an oven and maintained at 37 C for 1 h before the…
  • A report on Russian magnet technology for use in phi factory and light source bending magnets
    S/ C Trim Coil to Balance Flux 9. .... Iron Upper Clamp Cover 10. .... Stainless Steel End Plate .
  • Comparative study of silver nanoparticle permeation using Side-Bi-Side and Franz diffusion cells
    25 ° C . .... Samples were cut with stainless steel scissors (2 ± 0.01 cm2 ) and weighed on a Mettler Toledo XS105 (Mettler Toledo Inc, Columbus, OH) analytical balance (sensitive to 0.01 mg). .... the diffusion cell systems separated by the porous membrane or LDPE secured in place by a clamp .