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  • Check Valve - Check Valve Manufacturers, Suppliers
    Related Searches : stop valve, control valve, valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, swing check valve, valves, wafer check valve, stainless steel check valve , brass valve, cast steel … valve, api check valve, plug valve, sanitary valve, lift check valve…
  • Friction Losses in Valves and Fittings for Viscoplastic Fluids
    The apparatus shown schematically in Figure 1 was used for measuring pressure drop in the following stainless steel , sanitary fittings: 180°, 90° and 45° bends, union … 20°, 40° and 60° opening angles) butterfly valve , and fully open and half open plug valve.
  • States > Louisiana > State > Regulations > Title 51 - Public Health -- Sanitary Code > Part XIV - Plumbing > 14 - Reference Standards
    …connection with Hubless Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings for Sanitary and Storm Drain, Waste … 4M-1999(R2008)*, Relief Valves for Hot Water Supply … Cast Iron and Enameled Steel Plumbing Fixtures (same as … 1CSA B45.4-2008, Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures (same … Pretention Reinforcement SteelTable 703FS WW-P-325(44), Pipe, Bends, Traps, Caps, and Plugs ; Lead (for Industrial…
  • ISA CNTRL VALVES - Control Valves
    …back pressure 702 differential pressure 704 di rect-operated 702 disadvantages 712 flow 704 performance comparison with control valves 711 piloted 706 pressure-reducing 702 sanitary 710 reliability 460 remanufactured valves 27, 615 repeatability tests 624 rotary plug valves 262 rotary valves … 585 solenoid valves 463, 500 direct-operated 4 63 pilot-operated 463 solenoids 1 03 electric modulating 99 solid metal induced embrittlement (smie) 371 specification 5 62 speed of response 470 spring/diaphragm pneumatic valve actuator 6 stainless steel 378 austenitic 387 duplex…
  • Valve Handbook, Third Edition > Control Valves
    Because sanitary services must have tight shutoff, the plug head is fitted with an elastomeric insert to provide bubble-tightness. .... Most sanitary valves also require stainless - steel actuators to avoid any sort of oxidation in the clean environment.
  • Braz. J. Chem. Eng.  vol.20 issue4; Abstract: S0104-66322003000400012
    Data on pressure drop were obtained in stainless steel , sanitary fittings and valves during laminar and turbulent flow of aqueous solutions of sucrose and xanthan gum, which were selected as model fluids. .... Friction losses were measured in fully and partially open butterfly and plug valves, bends and unions.
  • 3-A Sanitary standards for fillers and sealers of single service containers for milk and fluid milk products. Serial No. 17-04.
    These standards require that all product contact surfaces must be of stainless steel of specified types, or of non-toxic non-absorbent metal at … conditions of intended use (with certain exceptions;yyy exceptions: e.g. valve plugs of compression-type valves…
  • E-3-A sanitary standards for inlet and outlet leak protector plug valves for batch pasteurizers. Serial E-1400.
    This standard, effective 28 Aug. 1971, requires valves of this type to be constructed of stainless steel , an optional alloy (Zn, <8%, >19.5%; Sn, >3.5%; Pb, <5%; Fe, <1.5%; Cu, the balance) or an equivalent non-toxic, non-absorbent…
  • States > Indiana > State > Register > 2003 > [2003 IN Register 901] 09/01/2003
    3-A Sanitary Standards for Stainless Steel Automotive Milk and Milk Products Transportation Tanks for Bulk Delivery and/or Farm Pick-Up Service. .... 3-A Sanitary Standards for Fittings Used on Milk and Milk Products Equipment and Used on Sanitary Lines Conducting Milk and Milk Products, as amended, Parts I and II (rev.)(Fittings and Plug Type Valves ) 03/01/97 21 IR 1670 .
  • Ross Completes Vacuum Paddle Blender
    All wetted parts of the blender are of type 304- stainless steel and are polished to a 120-grit finish to assist in the ease of cleaning between mixes and color changes. .... A special pneumatically operated flush type plug valve was also supplied to eliminate dead spaces within the mix zone. .... wide range of optional features are available such as jackets for heating or cooling, sanitary designs, etc.