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  • 250-man mobile field kitchen trailer
    The full equipment carried on the trailer includes: three pressure cookers; three pans; three gas lights; a poker … … wheel; canvas sides and roof cover; a handbrake; four adjustable corner jacks with levellers; and a removable stainless steel worktop with a chopping …
  • Advanced hydrogen utilization technology demonstration
    The trailer jacks were well supportedto preventthem from sinking into the ground. A 14-ftflexible line connected the trailerto 0.5-inch outsidediameter, thick-walled, stainless steel tubing, which was connected to the suction side of the compressor.
  • Lightweight General Service (GS) Trailer (1,130 kg) and variants
    For longevity the body tub of this trailer is constructed from stainless steel . Two stabilising jacks are provided at the rear and an adjustable jockey wheel is fitted in front.
  • Federal Register > Thursday, September 10, 2015 > [80 FR 54519] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 133-Quad-Cities, Iowa/Illinois; Notification of Proposed Production Ac...
    … gaskets and washers; training manuals; drawings; schematics; catalogs; rubber canvas radiator seals; anti-skid mats and strips; tempered safety glass for cabs of vehicles of chapter 87; mirrors and mirror assemblies; cold-rolled steel hollow tubes; stainless steel tubes; articles of iron … … parts (tips, tubes, nozzles, tanks, supports, sprays, spindles, spacers, retainers, reservoirs for sprayers); jacks ; lift cylinders; counterweights … … ball joints; tie rods; steering columns and wheels; track rod assemblies; display mounts; trailer hitch hammer straps …
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  • Stinar Corporation
    The DI-6 is mounted on a two-wheel trailer with an adjustable jack at the front. The tank is constructed in stainless steel giving a capacity of 1,520 litres.
  • Proceedings of the 1987 international decommissioning symposium
    • Cut the pedestals at the base, including the stainless steel skin around the.pedestal and the steel rftiar holding the pedestal to the floor at a construction joint with the ABJET cutting system; … by pushing between the side of the pedestal and the cell wall with a hydraulic jacking system; • move the boxed pedestal from the EDR and load onto a flatbed trailer for transport to …
  • Chassis Socket - Chassis Socket Manufacturers, Suppliers
    Stainless Steel Mobile Food Truck,Food Cart,Catering Trailers … protection by rustproof painting,Bottom are equipped with two big wheels which load 1000kg with four jack .
  • RH ALAN 70 mm (40-round) VLR 70 M93A3 Heron multiple rocket launcher
    Each 1.6 m long tube is smooth, with a single stainless steel guide tube and a locking device to hold the rocket secure once loaded. When fully loaded the trailer is capable of being towed at speeds up to 15 km/h across … When deployed in the firing position, the launcher is supported by a jack lowered under the tow …
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