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    Antenna Design Software - (13 companies)
    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Antenna design software is used...
    Stair Treads and Nosings - (91 companies)
    Stair treads and nosings are stair and staircase components that provide wear resistance, corrosion resistance, structural, and anti-slip functionality. Stair treads are made of metal or plastic and are designed to keep people from slipping...
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Electronic Computer-aided Design Software (ECAD)-Image
    Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Electronic Computer-aided Design Software (ECAD) - (220 companies)
    Electronic design automation (EDA) and electronic computer-aided design software (ECAD) is used to design and develop electronic systems such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and integrated circuits (ICs). Electronic design automation (EDA...
  • Mechanical Computer Aided-Design Software (MCAD)-Image
    Mechanical Computer Aided-Design Software (MCAD) - (122 companies)
    Mechanical computer aided-design software (MCAD) is used by machine designers and mechanical engineers to design and develop mechanical systems. MCAD software is also used in some architectural and construction applications. Mechanical computer...
  • Robots-Image
    Robots - (859 companies)
    Robots are programmable manipulators that contain rotary and/or prismatic joints in order to perform precise, repetitive movements. They are designed to move parts, tools, materials, and devices through variable, programmed motions. Types...
    Technology Computer-Aided Design Software (TCAD) - (12 companies)
    Technology computer-aided design software (TCAD) is used to simulate the fabrication process (but not the behavior) of semiconductor devices. TCAD software helps to optimize the semiconductor fabrication process and provides 2D modeling. Technology...
    Computer-aided Design and Computer-aided Manufacturing Software (CAD/CAM) - (700 companies)
    Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) is used in mechanical, electrical, and electronic design; simulation, drafting, and engineering; and design analysis and manufacturing. Computer-aided design...
    Industrial Design Services - (482 companies)
    Industrial design services develop and enhance the appearance, usability, and value of many types of products. Considerations include product styling and architecture, as well as ergonomic and safety considerations. Industrial design services...
    Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication - (195 companies)
    ...packaging equipment design and packaging equipment fabrication services may specialize in the selection of materials that go into the packaging process. Packaging equipment components include specialty software packages for machine control, hydraulic...
    Graphic Design Services - (1301 companies)
    ...of education and professional experience. Companies that specialize in web site design and electronic media applications use specialized software to produce computer animation and interactive three-dimensional (3D) designs. Graphic design services...

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  • Internet-Security from software-point of view
    the roller definition can similarly consist like in the software design of different stages of respectively quite different speeches and Usern (business versus technique).
  • A model for stepwise conversion of software-reuse to the practice
    A step model for the EinfuÈhrung of software -reuse .
  • Health, Structure, Material and Environment
    The reason for this is design personnel is generally believed that stair member to the structure stress influence is not big, through the structural measures can ensure safety, structure design software did not provide stair to participate in global analysis function, so …
  • Supply Chain management
    Characteristics you the stages of the task model for SCM software .
  • Numerical methods
    - See Capability Maturity model, briefly CMM, e.g., [22], the process ability describes system and software development in the region, a step model with structured handbook is and allows an improved assessment and targeted improvement of development processes as well as, software …
  • Software-Engineering and software-factory
    One goes however to companies that can boast reached the higher stages of the software -mature degree model to have, so, one determines that heuristics decrease, and how by all other classical engineer disciplines a mixture of analytical and synthetic methods application …
  • Economic information technology
    By evolutionary phase models , the software is developed and introduced in development stages .
  • Do you have a secret?
    … predicting method for quality properties of software, method of the product line development, that allow it also the layman to construct different configurations of a software or method for the transfer of software - models of different abstraction stages whereat certain properties of …
  • User acceptance of company-wide standard software
    Furthermore, the step model shows that the success of a software introduction doesn't depend only on the initial user acceptance also of the continuous system use.
  • Mathematics for information technology and BioInformatik
    On the other hand, the well constructed software has several models on different abstraction stages , so that one must enter for understanding according to need only up to one certain detailing degree.