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  • Super High Speed Slip Ring with Military Standard
    JINPAT has developed the 24-loop ultra-high-speed conductive slip ring with a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM
  • Ethernet slip ring applied for industrial
    and 1000M.Industrial Ethernet slip ring is designed based on Ethernet communication applicati to develop special Ethernet slip ring. Meanwhile, the design refers to the Ethernet communication protocol standard, adopts impedance matching and electromagnetic compatibility design, integrates current and signal base
  • Why Through Hole Slip Ring is Most Popular in Different Applications?
    assembly to quickly and easily customize current, voltage, center aperture, etc.Slip-ring parts use standard components to reduce costs and increase productivity,it is the most widely used as the most cost-effective Industrial conductive slip ring.
  • Torque Sensor Application - Rotating Torque Monitoring System
    sure to specify required RPM for proper sensor and related instrument selection. FUTEK's line of rotary torque sensors are strain gage type and are available with booth Slip ring type (300 series) with mV/V output or non-contact ones (600 series) with +/- 5VDC output. Both versions are also available