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  • Timing Screws-Image
    Timing Screws - (6 companies)
    Timing screws are helical-screw devices used within automated equipment to advance product at a specific rate and interval of movement. They facilitate the smooth flow of containers into or between packaging machinery, and can halt or position...
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    Screws - (1261 companies)
    A screw is a wide-encompassing type of hardware fastener that attributes its mechanical capabilities to the helical groove that extends around the circumference of the device's shank. These threads provide the friction and traction that serves...
  • Feed Screws and Mixer Screws-Image
    Feed Screws and Mixer Screws - (97 companies)
    Feed Screws and mixing Screws are screws or augers placed in bins, silos, extruders, hoppers, or molding machine to provide uniform flow. As the screw turns, process material is mixed and conveyed. Feed screws (feedscrews) and mixer screws...
  • Timing Pulleys (inch)-Image
    Timing Pulleys (inch) - (176 companies) solvents and petrochemicals. English pitch timing pulleys that use a combination of materials feature plastic teeth with metal inserts. Mouting Options. Many products include a hub which provides a shaft-attachment mechanism such as a set screw or hub...
  • Timing Pulleys (metric)-Image
    Timing Pulleys (metric) - (176 companies)
    ...diameter of the hub to a tight fit around the shaft. Metric pitch timing pulleys that do not use hubs are also available. These pulleys may be pressed or adhered onto a shaft, or use a set screw whose thread is tapped into the pulley grooves. In addition...
    Timing Belts (inch) - (233 companies)
    English pitch timing belts mate with same-pitch timing pulleys in power transmission systems where maintenance of speed ratio is an important design consideration. English pitch is the distance between belt teeth based on inches (in). English pitch...
    Lead Screws and ACME Screws - (65 companies)
    Description. Lead screws and ACME screws are used to drive a nut in linear motion via direct contact between the screw and the nut. Lead screws usually incorporate proprietary screw and nut geometries and materials, and can be configured...
    Timing Pulley Flanges - (25 companies)
    Timing pulley flanges are used to maintain belt contact with a pulley in a transmission application. Description. Timing pulley flanges are used to maintain belt contact with a timing pulley in power transmission applications. Typically, stock...
    Timing Belts (metric) - (231 companies)
    Metric pitch timing belts mate with same-pitch timing pulleys in power transmission systems where maintenance-of-speed ratio is an important design consideration. Metric pitch is the distance between belt teeth based on millimeters (mm). Metric...
    Roller Screws - (26 companies)
    Roller screws convert rotary to precise linear motion in a similar manner to ball screws or lead screws. Due to the greater number of contact points of the rollers compared to balls or thread on thread contact, a roller screw provides higher...

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  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    Containers can be placed directly into the infeed starwheel or timing screw of the labeler. . Fillers.
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
    An infeed timing screw and starwheel will be required at each end of the rotary machine to ensure proper entry and exit.
  • Illustrated Glossary of Packaging Terminology
    The timing screw hands off the package into the infeed starwheel that changes the direc- tion of travel and inserts the package, still under control, onto one of the operational stages of the turret.
    Somehigh-speedfillersavoid this jarring by using a worm feed instead of the usual starwheel ; unless the worm wheel is carefully designed, however, it can provide a new source of abrasion as the bottles pass the ‘threads’ of the screw . .... We have seen situations however where the belt speed was four or five times the bottle speed…
  • International Encyclopedia of Robotics: Applications and Automation Volume 3 Complete Document
    starwheel riveting, 43. .... cost and time comparisons for systems, 1186. .... Automatic screw machine, 145 .
  • Outline of Industrial Organic Chemistry
    screw spraying machines (extruders), wires and pipes are coated with plastics; this is the cheapest method of .... 1 continuous evaporator m discharge pipe n starwheel feeder a gas meter p pump q condenser. .... cult since those used up to that time for vinyl polymers were found to be unsuitable.
    • CO2 blanket gas on the filler infeed starwheel . .... – C) where CEQ is the equilibrium value and C is the concentration at a given time . .... or disc moves at right angles to the flow, of- ten by means of a screw thread.