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  • Predicting Seal Life with FEA
    and users alike have been searching for their industrial Holy Grail a method for predicting how long seals will last in service. Traditional methods for evaluating an elastomer's potential as a static or dynamic seal use ASTM or other standard immersion tests. These tests involve immersing the material
  • Sorting out static seals
    Square-section seals and O-rings both provide leaktight sealing. O-rings have long been considered the standard solution for static-sealing applications. But designers should also consider square cross-section seals. Both types have desirable characteristics, depending on the situation. A round
  • Electronic Enclosures - Closing the Door on Sealing Problems
    Some manufacturers of electronic cabinets use off-the-shelf weatherstripping to seal gaps between the housing and door. Often, these weatherstrip materials are just fillers that form a static seal. They're not meant for dynamic sealing, and demonstrate poor compression set recovery
  • Intro to Plastic Valves: Seals
    An O-ring is a round elastomeric ring. O-rings are ideally suited to be a compressed, static seal between non moving parts. O-rings can be used as a face seal on a valve, and used on rotating shafts. Use of o-rings on linear moving shafts is sometimes not recommended, due to the fact
  • Seal-less Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump Resolves Volatile Situation (World Pumps : June 1999)
    the highly volatile liquid fluorocarbons, as well as function to off-load the final product without cavitation. The process also required a pump capable of reliable operation under 2 ft of static NPSH while accommodating changes in line pressures up to 100 psi (6.9 bar). Additionally, the pump had
  • Intro and Compression Seals
    . In struggling with these design factors, many OEM designers use the seal manufacturers' expertise. Compression seals come in a variety of shapes and are characterized by the high unit load exhibited between seal and walls. These are generally the seals of choice in static sealing applications, which
  • Magnetic fluids tackle tough sealing jobs
    in the gaps between projections and the inner bearing ring. Magnetic-fluid seals for static applications retain
  • Handbook guides O-ring design
    O-ring seal materials and how they react to the roughly 2,000 media listed in the table. Their compatibility is classified as satisfactory, fair, doubtful, and unsatisfactory. More tutorial chapters include O-ring elastomers, applications, and static
  • Optimally Transferred
    of application ranging from machine and plant engineering to apparatus engineering depending on the operating conditions with liquid or even gaseous fluids. There are seals which are subjected to static loading only, such as the proven gland seals, mechanical seals as well as rotary shaft seals, cylinder
  • Hydraulic Tube Fittings Deliver Leak-Free Performance and Long Life
    . Also consider the severity of the application, such as whether operating conditions are static or dynamic, and potential consequences of failure when selecting fittings. The fluid media must be considered when selecting fitting and seal materials.
  • Top Trends Impacting Design Engineers, part 2
    formulations - for instance, perfluorinated elastomers that offer broad chemical and temperature resistance - meet the most demanding static, dynamic, and environmental applications. And tools such as FEA software specifically tailored for elastomeric analysis let engineers design and predict a seal's

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