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  • Hazards for Crew Members on a Barge Deck
    A barge deck is a non self-propelled flat bottom vessel used for transportation on oceans, rivers and canals. They transport oversized materials such as machinery, grain, coal and fuel. Today's barges are constructed from welded steel and can hold a capacity of 25 rail cars or 90 heavy trucks
  • Fabrication and Installation of Modular FRP Composite Bridge Deck
    Two highway bridges were constructed with a modular fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite deck in West Virginia. Laurel Lick Bridge was built as an all-composite short-span structure. Wickwire Run Bridge was constructed with a modular FRP composite deck supported by steel stringers. This paper
  • Product Showcase and Marketplace
    provides quality equipment and components for hygienic industries. From stainless steel tanks, heat exchangers and filter housings manufactured by Allegheny Bradford Corp., to state-of-the-art mechanical and electropolishing from Allegheny Surface Technology, to Top Line's complete range of process flow
  • Product Showcase and Marketplace
    costs. For pharmaceutical applications, American Specialty Equipment manufactures customized Gregory Explosion Proof Trucks, one of which is shown here transporting oversized heavy vats from processing to mixing areas in pharmaceutical facilities. The trucks' stainless steel construction
  • Things To Know When Considering A Structural Mezzanine
    of the materials used to build the mezzanine meet ASTM specifications - including support columns, base plates, structural framing, joists, roof deck, and handrails. 10. Are mezzanine components powder coated? Powder coated components tend to be extremely durable and more visually attractive. Powder coat paints