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  • Application: Door Sensor-Fire, Safety Exit (.pdf)
    Normally reed sensors require a reed sensor and a magnet to carry out the sensing function. However, almost all emergency doors must be made of steel or a steel alloy. This steel interferes with the magnetic field shunting it from the reed sensor, thereby eliminating its usage in these applications.
  • Last SUV Standing: Sexy Murano Bests Macho Hummer H3
    , and rear-crash tests. Bob Yakushi, Director of Product Safety for Nissan North America Inc., credits the use of high-strength steel in the vehicle 's architecture for its outstanding performance. The Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler four-door, and Kia Sorento, all 2008 models, were the worst performers
  • Give glue a go
    (a common method of construction in the industry). The second was constructed entirely using Lord Engineered Adhesives. The doors were hung to a heavy steel frame and a hole was drilled in the lower corner of each to simulate where a horse might kick the panel. Then technicians threaded a 3/4-ton winch
  • Mold Material - Lessons in the Use of Electroformed Nickel Tools - 05/05
    Machined and etched steel injection molds are the dominant tooling used for low- and mid-priced automotive interior and exterior parts; however, in mainly high-end vehicle manufacture, electroformed nickel is selected to produce tools for soft touch interiors because it can be used to duplicate
  • Powder metal's most innovative designs
    . The 316 stainless-steel latch attaches to a door handle on a medical infusion pump. It has a density of 6.7 gm/cm3, an 11.5% elongation, and ultimate tensile and yield strengths of 65 and 42 kpsi, respectively. Secondary operations are limited to deburring, tempering, glass-bead finishing
  • No sittin' back and relaxin' when there's chairs to be shipped
    helped identify hot spots on tooling inserts and was an important step in ensuring MoldMax inserts would provide uniform cooling. annually ships 50,000 chair bases from its molding house in Toronto. One key factor that helps get chairs out the door quickly is the copper beryllium (98.2% Cu, 1.8%
  • Copper-jacketed germ buster
    Center, both in Charleston, S.C. The 18-month clinical trial at Selly Oak, as well as those being conducted in the U.S., will pit copper door handles and push plates, IV poles, bathroom taps, toilet flush-handles, grab rails, and other frequently touched surfaces against traditional metal fittings
  • Cabinet-Level Decision-Making
    hingemechanics equations. First is the weight of the door or lid. Turn to force diagrams and moment calculations to best support the weight of the door, and anything suspended from it, with one or more hinges. More detailed mechanics-of-materials analyses may be needed to determine the best hinge type
  • 2000 Cavalier: Same old, same old
    with no options. The base price and total price is $16,365. For that you get a five-speed manual transmission, 2.4-liter twin-cam DOHC engine, and stainless-steel exhaust system. Safety equipment includes antilock brakes, air bags, remote keyless entry, power door locks, and theft deterrent
  • 3 Steps to Better Laser Maintenance
    a defective air dryer or an old compressor-might contaminate focal lenses faster than in the shop next door. In another example, the type of cutting, such as nitrogen-assisted cutting of aluminum or stainless steel, might require more frequent equipment maintenance checks.
  • They make good money down at the mill
    a code word implying that the amount paid was more than what was justified for the position. Labor contracts across the automotive, steel, and rubber industries in the late 1980s called for annual factory wage and benefit packages that, adjusted for inflation, amounted to $75,000 in today's dollars
  • Is IT a Catalyst for India s Drug Industry Growth?
    , along with membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), has acted as a catalyst for Indian entrepreneurs. The confidence gained from the success of IT has been spreading like wildfire in industries such as steel and generic API manufacturing. These successes have also led to tremendous growth
  • Benchmark Water Use Against Semiconductor Industry
    , removing wording which designates how WFI should be made. The pharmaceutical industry must be conservative because FDA is conservative. But now that the door has been officially opened, discussions will include technical alternatives to standard approaches. Some purified water system designs

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