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  • Choosing A Conductor:Stranded Conductor Data
    Stranded Conductor Data
  • Stranded Conductors - AWG - Construction, Dimension, Weight, Resistance
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  • Video: Solid vs. Stranded Center Conductors
    In coaxial cable there is a trade off in center connector construction....
  • Definitions and Explanations
    are classified under a standard which defines each gauge representing a solid conductor and which one or more stranded conductors correspond to, along with the associated properties for that gauge such as diameter, circular mil area, and DC resistance.
  • Tin Vs. Bare
    and that conductor's surface is oxidized it will not conduct the signal as well. With imperfections on the conductor surface that impede the transmission, the electrons (signal) will be forced deeper into the conductor which causes more friction and heat, also known as, resistance. In stranded wires the charge