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    Netting - (244 companies) construct netting. Two classifications of plastics are thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. Thermoplastics do not undergo chemical change when heated and can be molded again. Thermosets stay solid after taking shape initially. Depending...
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    Mesh - (332 companies)
    How to Select Mesh. What is Mesh?. Mesh consists of wires or fibers woven or knitted into a grid or screen pattern to create a semi-permeable barrier. Types of mesh include screen and netting. When referred to as its own product in comparison...
    Cores and Tubes - (38 companies)
    ...such as in the production of papers, films, and foils. These materials are wound in the form of a roll or web that is supported by a core. Customers can then move, store, and handle these finished materials more easily. Paper cores and tubes differ in terms...
  • Polymers and Plastic Resins-Image
    Polymers and Plastic Resins - (860 companies)
    ...conscious environments. Tensile strength is the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before necking deformation occurs. Material Types and Grades. Material types for polymers and plastic materials include cross-linked...
  • Shrink Wrap and Stretch Films-Image
    Shrink Wrap and Stretch Films - (494 companies)
    Shrink wrap and stretch films are used to hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Shrink wrap and stretch films hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Shrink wrap and stretch films are lightweight...
    Stretch Wrappers - (331 companies)
    Stretch wrappers are machines that are used to wrap plastic foil around a pallet load. Stretch wrappers are machines that are used to wrap plastic film around a loaded pallet.  The film provides extra support while the products are being transported...
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (196 companies)
    Natural fibers and fabrics consist of bulk fibers, yarns, or woven cloth manufactured from plant materials such as cotton, wool, linen (flax), sisal, jute, hemp, or silk.
    Web Dryers - (19 companies)
    Web dryers are devices which dry webs, rolls, and other continuous materials. Image Credit: Glenro Inc. | Despatch Industries | MEGTEC Systems. Web dryers are devices which dry webs, rolls, and other continuous sheets of material, typically...
    Stretch Forming Machines - (11 companies)
    Stretch forming equipment produces complex shapes by stretching a metal sheet, plate or extrusion over a form die. Stretch formed parts provide better shape control and surface quality than rolled or drawn parts. The stretch forming process subjects...
    Web Browsers - (7 companies)
    Web browsers are software applications that allow users interact with objects (e.g. text, images, videos) by retrieving, presenting, and traversing the information on a web page downloaded from the World Wide Web or a local area network. Web...

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  • Introduction to Nonwovens Technology
    …depth, Tristar, 96–98 needle gage, 98 needle density (board) (needles/m), 91 needle loom, 91 needle loom multiple beams, 94 needlepunch density (NPD), 93 needlepunching, history, 87 net -like web structures, 8 Newton’s law … PLA, 226, 228, 319 polymer , 225 polymer, linear, 229 … 160 steam-jet bonding, 136 Stereochemistry, 233 Stefan-Boltzmann constant, 156 stitchbonding, 290 stretch -breaking, 309 stripper…
  • Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings
    In the transverse direction the polymer wants to expand but when the polymer is stretched in the machine direction it will contract in the transverse direction. .... will depend on the tension applied and the temperature rise as to how this affects the web . .... If the net result is the web wants to expand transversely but is constrained by the friction…
  • Molecular orientation in film extrusion of high‐density polyethylene
    Thisf, is the net orientation function value for all amorphous conformations. .... Web crystallini- ties were within 1.5percent of 0.61 for these runs. .... and Yeh, et al. (8, 9) provides the following framework for interpretation of the re- sults: a) Crystallization rates for a cooling, flowing melt are greatly enhanced by extension of the pol- ymer molecules. b) Extensional flow ( stretching ) is much more effective…
  • Polymer Technology
    This leaves a web coated with equidistant spaced dots which are thermofusible. .... with this process is that there is a limiting factor as to which polymers are capable. .... of being embossed and stretched . .... net there are reports of polyamides and other polymers coextruded with the .
  • High-Performance and Specialty Fibers
    Cuprammonium solution is discharged from rectangular spinneret apparatus and stretched by water as accompanied flow (same as air flow in the spunbond process using polymers ) over 100 times. .... water condition, the size of spinneret, and the distance from spinneret to conveyer net , we can produce .... The formed web has some residual copper and ammonia so they are completely removed by acid.
  • Cancer Biology and the Nuclear Envelope
    It is not surprising thus that spider’s webs are made of intermediate filaments, tough yet elastic. .... In this light it is not surprising that both lamins and INM NETs bind chromatin and each .... Together these properties enable the NE to keep chromatin tethered while still being able to stretch in response to forces placed on the polymer by genome movements or the cytoskeleton.
  • Electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride-polyoctafluoropentyl acrylate blend based piezocapacitive pressure sensors
    Piezoresponsive polymers such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) have attracted greater attention among the researchers worldwide due to .... In recent times, electrospun PVDF nanofiber web has been reported to be used as superhydrophobic mat,1 .... During electrospinning, the nanofibers undergo combined stretching and in situ poling under applied electric field, thereby resulting in improved chain and dipole … β-crys- talline form, which in turn generates a potential difference across the conductive electrodes ( net dipole moment  0).
  • Architecture–process relationships in stochastic honeycombs
    At the begin- ning of the melt extension (Stage II), the polymer is relaxing while the net compressive stress is being reduced. .... The number of nodes, N (a), and the total length of webs , L (b), plotted against qA … number of nodes, N, plotted against the total web length, L for melt stretch rates of 10…
  • Recent Progress on the Fabrication of Ultrafine Polyamide-6 Based Nanofibers Via Electrospinning: A Topical Review
    Typically the polymer solution is taken in a capillary and a high voltage power source is connected .... They observed the web -like nanofibers morphology of the electrospun polyamide-6 nanofibers at a certain applied .... High voltage is able to generate more charges to the solution or droplet sur- face located at the tip of the needle as well as larger electrostatic forces, both of which stretch the jets fully for … and completely split nano- nets .
  • Bombyx mori Silk Fibers: An Outstanding Family of Materials
    underwater webs ,[38,39] aquatic midge larvae (Diptera) use it to construct feeding nets and tubes for housing and. .... Basically, natural silkworm silk threads consist of an inner silk core of polymer , a protein skin, and … or vacuoles, which facilitate controlled crack formation in the fibers when it is stretched or loaded.[22…

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