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  • Using Cymbet TM EnerChip TM Batteries Instead of Coin Cells and Super Capacitors (.pdf)
    Primary and secondary (i.e., rechargeable) coin cell batteries, as well as super capacitors, have been in use for years as auxiliary power sources for applications including SRAM, real-time clocks, and microcontrollers. Now, a new type of rechargeable battery is available from Cymbet Corporation
  • Supercapacitors: A New Hero in the Spotlight
    Until recently, supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) worked at fairly mundane tasks such as circuit protection and as short-term back-up supplies, but applications have expanded to electric/hybrid vehicles, renewable energy; and with energy harvesting, wearables and the Internet of Things come
  • How to Charge Supercapacitor Banks for Energy Storage
    the frequent replacement of batteries isn't practical. This article addresses the challenges related to charging these large capacitors, and shows you how to evaluate and select the best system configuration for backup energy storage. A supercapacitor charger solution is demonstrated, with waveforms
  • MOSFETs Balance Supercapacitors with Zero Power Burn
    The use of supercapacitor series stacks are growing for many systems used in backup power storage or battery life extension. One of the most critical circuit design goals for such systems is minimizing the steady state DC power dissipation. For that reason, MOSFETs deployed in circuits that balance
  • New PCB Provides Plug & Play Solution for Balancing Supercapacitor Cells
    Supercapacitors are a great alternative to batteries in applications needing many rapid. charge/discharge cycles and are popular in applications such as short-term energy storage,. regenerative braking, and static RAM memory backup. But adding a supercapacitor to a design involves more than
  • Battery Backup Alternative
    Supercapacitors voltage characteristics are of primary concern in this application. Supercapacitors have a capacitive and resistive component that directly affect the voltage charge/discharge rate of the capacitors.
  • Ultra-Capacitor DC UPS: Your Best Choice to Ensure that Critical Information and Functions Remain Available When Supply Voltage Drops Out
    Ultra-capacitors are best suited to these and other mission-critical applications that require seamless transition to backup power (UPS) over relatively short periods of time. In the event of a main power supply interruption, the energy stored in the ultra-capacitors is released. High energy

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