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  • Image Processors-Image
    Image Processors - (70 companies)
    Image processors include hardware and/or software that translate data into dots or pixels in a printer or image setter. Image processors process images by means of a digital computer. Image processors help to retrieve the image by carrying various...
  • Computers-Image
    Computers - (1675 companies)
    ...powerful machine capable of supporting thousands of users simultaneously. Multi. Supercomputer. Extremely fast and powerful; consists of multiple servers and processors. Varies. Table image credits: Pixelvolt | Windows Blogs | PCWorld | New Mexico State...
  • Imaging Plates-Image
    Imaging Plates - (14 companies)
    ...plates, helium film and infrared film for image setters, manual fixers and concentrated developers, and single-side and double-sided plate processors. Imaging plates, imaging films and imaging chemicals is a product area that includes medical films...
  • Imaging Workstations-Image
    Imaging Workstations - (255 companies)
    Imaging workstations are vision systems used for metrology or image analysis in laboratory and cleanroom settings. Imaging workstations are vision systems with integrated camera, image capture, processing, storage, analysis and control systems...
  • Scientific Imagers-Image
    Scientific Imagers - (77 companies)
    Scientific imagers are high resolution systems used to capture moving or still images. Scientific imaging is used frequently in medical imaging systems such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), microscopy, and positron emission tomography (PET...
    CMOS Image Sensors - (90 companies)
    Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors operate at lower voltages than CCDs, reducing power consumption for portable applications. Analog and digital processing functions can be integrated readily onto the CMOS chip, reducing...
    Imaging Spectrometers - (22 companies)
    ...to as swath width. It is typically expressed in meters or kilometers for imaging equipment mounted to aircraft or satellites. Data Acquisition Rate. This refers to the speed at which the spectrometer is able to collect and process data. It is typically...
    Image Intensifiers - (12 companies)
    Image intensifiers are devices used in low light cameras to enhance image capturing capabilities when only ambient light sources are available. This is done mainly by proportionately increasing the number of electrons during the photon to electron...
    CCD Image Sensors - (63 companies)
    Charged coupled device (CCD) image sensors are electronic devices that are capable of transforming a light pattern (image) into an electric charge pattern (an electronic image). CCD (charge coupled device) image sensors are electronic devices...
    Thermal Imagers - (352 companies)
    Thermal imagers detect heat patterns in the infrared wavelength (1 micron to 100 micron) spectrum. Thermal imagers detect heat patterns in the infrared wavelength spectrum. Thermal imagers rely on the emission of thermal or infrared energy by all...

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DSPs drive team to win Darpa race A robotic car with a good chance of winning the Grand Challenge race in the California desert next week it is the Toyota pickup equipped with two 1-GHz DSPs. The chips drive a fast, proprietary image-processing engine that helps the robotic car avoid obstacles...

...is a suite of office applications called KOffice. This suite includes a word processor, a presentation application, a spreadsheet application, a vector-drawing application, a flowchart application, a chart-drawing application, and image-editing tools. The KDE project is ongoing and involves hundreds...

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