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  • Industrial Sealants-Image
    Industrial Sealants - (1016 companies) fill gaps and seal joints or openings against the intrusion of water, gases, air, dirt, or other foreign substances. Sealants are used to ensure that the space between two mating parts, created due to dimensional variation, is void free. Mating multiple...
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    Substrate / Material Compatibility
    Dissimilar Substrates
    Sealers and Seal Coatings - (255 companies)
    Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces or to form a barrier on a surface. They differ from sealants, which are used to seal joints or gaps between surfaces. Basic Description. Sealers and seal coatings are used to seal surfaces...
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    Microplate Sealers - (8 companies)
    Microplate sealers apply a protective seal on a microplate to protect and contain samples. A microplate sealer is a device that creates a protective seal on a microplate to protect and contain samples. Microplates are rectangular trays containing...
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  • Caulk, Grout, and Joint Compounds-Image
    Caulk, Grout, and Joint Compounds - (401 companies)
    Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces and seal or repair cracks. Caulk, grout and joint compounds are used to fill joints, level surfaces, and seal or repair cracks. There are two basic types of products: leveling...
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  • Oil Seals and Grease Seals-Image
    Oil Seals and Grease Seals - (336 companies)
    Oil seals and grease seals have a flexible lip that rubs against a shaft or housing to prevent the leakage or ingress of fluids and dirt. For proper installation, the seal lip should point towards the medium being contained. Some oil seals...
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    Mechanical Seals - (345 companies)
    Mechanical seals including mechanical face seals, bellows, gas seals, and cartridge seals. Mechanical seals are designed to prevent leakage between a rotating shaft and its housing under conditions of extreme pressure, shaft speed and temperature...
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    Exclusion Seals - (135 companies)
    Exclusion seals are comprised of wipers, scrapers and V-ring seals. Exclusion seals are primarily used to keep dirt and other contaminants from passing into bearings and other sensitive areas. Some of the devices that fall within the exclusion seals...
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    Dynamic Seals - (668 companies)
    Dynamic seals include oil seals, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, exclusion seals, labyrinth seals, bearing isolators, and piston rings. They create a barrier between moving and stationary surfaces in applications such as rotating shafts and pistons...
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    Hydraulic Seals and Pneumatic Seals - (286 companies)
    Hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals include piston seals, rod seals, U-cups, vee, cup, and flange packings. Hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals are designed for the reciprocating motion that is common in hydraulic and pneumatic applications...
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    Labyrinth Seals and Clearance Seals - (24 companies)
    Labyrinth seals and clearance seals are minimum-leakage seals that protect machine elements from contamination through a noncontact method. They operate on the principle of positive clearance and do not rub on shafts or housing. Features. Labyrinth...
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  • CR4 - Thread: Rust Marks Coming Through Plaster
    Make sure you seal the plaster with a water proofing sealer before painting. Or better yet use a damp packing grout pushed under the sill and then caulk.
  • CR4 - Thread: Shower tile
    They make a wall sealer to put on before you adhere the tiles. It a rubberized seal coating on the wall. There is all so epoxy base grout that will not mildew. So he sure was paying for that DIY pride.
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  • CR4 - Thread: product to seal a potable water supply tank.
    There are some expanding grouts and epoxy sealers that will work underwater but they will not be easy to apply. Re: product to seal a potable water supply tank. Fairly easy to apply, should last for years, be sure to tell your supplier that you are …
    … IMPORTANT: Grout lines and to edge of back panel should be aligned with grout lines and top … … position center panel, firmly press the entire panel from top to bottom making sure of solid contact. To insure proper adhesion between the Swanstone product and Sheetrock/Greenboard/Wood, it is best to use a primer/ sealer , and it is IMPOR- TANT to follow these guidelines: Oil based primer/sealers (such as Bin- Seal , or all purpose enamel paint) should NOT be …
  • National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools (Revised)
    Flooring with sealed “low maintenance” surfaces should be preferred, both for reducing maintenance costs and the use … Low VOC cleaners and sealers are available. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer when specifying sealers and other maintenance products. Specify low-toxic adhesives, grouts , caulks, sealants, and setting materials.
  • Lock-Strip Glazing Gaskets
    sure as it eliminates all extraneous components between the glazed infill and the concrete surround. Where optimum sealing performance is Dusty and porous concrete surfaces may require a sealer before application of the supplementary sealant. This feature seals the reglet cavity from infiltration of concrete grout during the casting operation and further …

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