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  • Surface Texture Parameters
    Every part's surface is made up of texture and roughness which varies due to manufacturing techniques and the part structure itself. To understand a component's surface and to control the manufacturing process to the degree required in today's modern world, it is necessary to quantify the surface
  • Optical Instruments Defining the Evolution of Surface Texture Measurement in Manufacturing
    Surface texture measurement has a history that began a century ago with the advent of contact-type 2D measurement. Although measurement using optical instruments has been in existence almost as long as contact-type measurement, optical instrument measurement did not become widely used until about
  • Texture and Microstructural Gradients in an Extruded Aluminium Profile (.pdf)
    OIM measurements were used to investigate the texture and microstructural gradients observed in extruded aluminium profiles. The material used in this study was an AlMgSi-alloy containing 0.45 wt% Mg and 0.44 wt% Si extruded into a flat profile with a cross section of 207 x 3 mm2 carrying a fully
  • Seeking a Smoother Way to Measure Roughness
    In seeking a way to measure surface texture, Brown found confocal technology from Olympus to be among the most versatile in terms of dealing with surfaces and roughness.
  • Safety Standards for Slips, Trips and Falls
    According to the National Safety Council, compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents are approximately $70 billion annually. There are many factors that contribute to slip and fall accidents such as footwear type, walkway type, surface levelness, surface texture
    (30-ips clamp speed at 50% stroke). Milacron Inc., Plastics Technologies, 4165 Halfacre Rd., Batavia, OH 45103, (513) 536-2428. Bonding low surface energy plastics Adhesion is a surface phenomenon. A surface's texture, porosity, and flexibility affect the adhesive strength of a plastic joint. Ditto
  • Specular Component Included (SCI) vs. Specular Component Excluded (SCE)
    The texture and glossiness of your samples may make them appear brighter, duller, lighter, or darker. This is because an object's surface condition directly affects how the wavelengths of light reflect off that object and how our eyes will perceive its appearance. To more effectively evaluate
  • Coming: Self-cleaning glass and super-slick surfaces
    Ohio State University (OSU) engineers are designing superslick, water-repellent surfaces that could lead to self-cleaning glass. The patentpending technology could also reduce friction between tiny moving parts inside microdevices. The technology creates a surface that mimics the texture of lotus
  • Medical Device Link .
    Implants, minimally invasive devices, diagnostic systems, and other products that interact with the body often require advanced surface treatment. However, processes such as electrochemical etching and micromechanical machining can be too costly or insufficiently targeted for all applications
  • Laser Technology - Laser Engraving/Marking: A Complement to EDM'ing and Milling - 08/07
    products as well as a complement to these processes. These laser technologies offer benefits like smooth surface finish, matched texture patterns on molds as well as cost- and time-savings. Not only are moldmakers and molders looking at ways to mark molds whether it be a warning label, part number
  • Medical Device Link .
    is a mechanical process rather than a chemical one, "so parylene likes a surface with some texture or topography to it, " Wolgemuth explains. Materials such as highly polished stainless
  • Fresher with Pressure
    the product's texture or taste. There are two types of equipment used for hydrostatic food treatment; batch and in-line. In batch mode, prepackaged, solid, or liquid products are placed in a vessel and pressurized. Containers must have one elastic surface, however. The process can be automated to speed
  • From Sky to Earth . . . Researchers Capture "Ground Truth "
    To obtain views of the soil surface from various angles, soil scientist Susan Moran uses a specially mounted radiometer that turns in many directions. The data she obtains will be used to correlate soil texture with crop vigor. Farmers will soon be able to get a bird's-eye view of the "back forty
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Overmolding: A Multifaceted Medical Device Technology More than simply providing a soft-touch surface, overmolding can increase device functionality and add value. Overmolding, an injection molding process, has drastically changed the aesthetics, design
  • First High-Definition, Color 3D Printer Introduced
    , 10 in. X 14 in. X 8 in), improved surface finish, smaller feature resolution, and low operating costs. Color capabilities allow for better representation of assemblies, enhanced texture mapping, and vibrant product coloring. The systems software also enables labeling for improved communication

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  • Optical Measurement of Surface Topography
    Chromatic confocal probe instruments are included in the classification of sur- face texture instruments (ISO 25178-6 2010) and described in a recently published ISO document (ISO 25178-602 2010).