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  • Case Study # 5 - Alloy F75
    demonstrated that F75 components meet the chemical specifications and exceed the mechanical property specifications of the ASTM standard, F75-01 Standard Specification for Cobalt-28 Chromium-6 Molybdenum Alloy Castings and Casting Alloy for Surgical Implants (UNS R30075). Further, F75 properties
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    Shape-memory alloy constructed without nickel. A titanium-based alloy is made without nickel to increase its manufacturability and reduce concerns about biocompatibility. The material, produced by Memry Corp. (Bethel, CT; 203/739-1100), offers elasticity in applications for which allergies prohibit
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    Stainless-Steel Options for Medical Instrument Tubing Understanding the properties of different alloys is crucial to selecting the right material for a particular application. William Fender and Robert S. Brown As surgical procedures have become more complex and confined, the requirements
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Moulding Services
    A company is able to produce complex parts that combine different biocompatible materials. Pictured is one example of a moulded product that incorporates silicone, Dacron tissue, and a shape-memory alloy. One department devoted to biomaterials and another that develops testing equipment, laboratory
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    , dental implants, and surgical equipment. "Cobalt-chromium and titanium perform quite well, so surgeons and manufacturers feel very comfortable using them, " Medlin adds. When titanium is combined with nickel, the result is nitinol, a superelastic alloy that is biocompatible, corrosion resistant
  • Medical Device Link . Shape-Memory Alloys Offer Untapped Potential Engineers teach versatile materials how to work in the body.
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Imprinted in the crystal structure of shape-memory alloys is a metallurgical intelligence. These alloys remember and return to past shapes with nothing more than a simple reminder an increase or decrease in temperature, a pull, or an electrical shock
  • Single sourcing motion control
    Following a few rules when selecting a single-source supplier makes putting together a motion-control system a snap. Coreless dc motors are used in a prosthetic hand. Gold-alloy brushes ensure fluidity of motion and low noise actuation. The rubber skin coating provides feedback to the motor
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    is a commonly used surgical treatment. Typical methods entail placing metal implants, such as plates, rods, or screws, into the vertebrae to immobilize that portion of the spine. The procedure can often involve the use of fusion cages to help new bone growth to complete the fusion process

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