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  • Airflow Switch Test
    The airflow switch's function is to monitor the blower fans to prove they are in operation. For example, to test the recirculation blower fan's airflow switch:
  • Switch logos
    Switches on keyboards and control panels often carry identifying marks that denote the switch function. Examples of switch face legends printed (clockwise from the left) through screen printing, laser etching, screen printing, laser etching, laser etching, and pad printing. There are three main
  • Torque Switch Application Notes
    The primary function of a torque switch is to sense a high torque situation in a valve and shut down the actuator. This causes a halt to the process, but any situation that would trip a torque switch would likely halt it anyway, foul up the process, and also damage the equipment.
  • Mix & match for theperfect switch panel
    An assembly technique called island construction integrates different magnetic switch elements into a single flatpanel assembly. In a rotary switch, two magnetically attracted balls function as the armature. The balls are attracted to the conductor side of the film layer as well as to each other
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies and their Magnetics
    In today's day and age the most often used topology for electronic power supplies is that of the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), which is a major user of magnetics. In some applications the "older type" linear supplies are still used, but in the early 70's SMPS came into being spurred
  • Multi-gate pHEMT Modeling for Switch Applications
    of a. variety of performances between modeled and measured data, including leakages, floating voltages, and CV curves on device level. In a switch application, comparisons of harmonics as a function of frequency at high driving power. for both GSM and DCS bands show excellent agreement between model
  • A Comprehensive PHEMT Core Model For Switch Applications
    A comprehensive non-linear PHEMT core model. for switch applications is described. The model combines an. accurate description of CV below pinch-off and a 2D CV. function above pinch-off for better charge and capacitance. modeling. At the same time, more accurate is the model's IV. prediction
  • Application: Flood Prevention Switch R12580, R12581 - Liquid Level Sensor
    Our customer was developing a new generation dishwasher that required updated technology to. function effectively. This appliance demanded a flood prevention switch design that supported their goal to eliminate leak points in conjunction with providing increased energy efficiency.
  • Application: Function PCB Testers Use Reed Relays
    Functional PCB testers are in some cases, up to 20 layers thick, requiring 1000s of test points for functional verification. Because of size restrictions, isolation, relatively fast acting and good RF characteristics, reed relays are often chosen as the testing switch.
  • Emergency Stop Devices: More Than An Off Switch
    Emergency Stop (E-Stop) buttons should be the most identifiable element on a machine and serve a specific function which is universally known. But they are often misunderstood and misused. This article explores the requirements for E-Stops

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