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  • Glossary of Switches
    Glossary of Switches
  • Reed Switches vs. Mechanical Switches
    Table comparing reed switches with mechanical switches.
  • ATM Switches
    ATM Switches. An excellent reference for introducing communications engineers to high-speed systems/products, and helping network analysts understand the implementation issues involved in setting up an ATM network.
  • Power Switching
    The ability of a vacuum relay to switch both resistive and inductive loads greatly simplifies the problems of the systems engineer. In power switching applications non-isolated relays (which includes all relays not identified as ground isolated) must be used with caution when the relay mounting
  • Antimicrobial Switches
    Switches that disinfect themselves. Sound too good to be true? No. It is possible. Antimicrobial coatings inhibit the growth of microorganisms and even kill them. Perfectly suited for medical technology, sanitation areas, and the food service industry.
  • Microwave Switching
    Historically, the design and implementation of microwave switch systems has been a highly specialized process that necessitated the acceptance of custom designs and interfaces by the customer. Each manufacturer would adopt their own unique flavor of interface, and effectively restrict competitive
  • Switching in IP Networks: IP Switching, Tag Switching, & Related Technologies
    Switching in IP Networks: IP Switching, Tag Switching, & Related Technologies. A technical exploration of label-switching technologies, such as the IETF s MPLS, which accelerates packet forwarding over internet-protocol networks.
  • Considering Making a Switch from your Flow Switch?
    Consider Proteus Industries for innovative solid-state sensing technology based on vortex technology. As the world moves to requiring more information, moving from traditional switches to meters has become a necessity.