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  • Switch Tips: Reed switch basics
    A reed switch gets its name from the use of two or three thin metal pieces, called reeds, with plated contacts at their tips and spaced a small distance apart. The reeds are typically encapsulated in a sealed glass tube filled with inert gas. A field from a magnet or an electromagnet deflects
  • Switch logos
    Switches on keyboards and control panels often carry identifying marks that denote the switch function. Examples of switch face legends printed (clockwise from the left) through screen printing, laser etching, screen printing, laser etching, laser etching, and pad printing. There are three main
  • A switch to the desktop
    Features once reserved for special automated switches on production lines have migrated to desktop instruments. A firm well known for developing integrated circuits embarked on an interesting project recently. The company began replacing a bank of mechanical switches that engineers there had
  • Load Switch
    A large current much greater than the steady-state current will temporarily flow the moment the load switch Q1 is turned ON. When the charge of the load capacitance CL at the output side gets close to zero, voltage is supplied to the output Vo, resulting in instantaneous large charge current flow
  • Switch Contacts
    Mass-produced switch contacts have an rms roughness ranging from 0.5 to 1 10 in. These "smooth " surfaces, in reality, comprise microscopic peaks and valleys. As a result, two mating contacts touch only at the surface peaks or asperities. Contact force between the two surfaces plastically flattens
  • Switch Tips: Membrane-switch basics
    Membrane-switch pads often serve as a way of giving an operator interface distinctive graphics or an attractive look. The overlay or top layer of the switch is screen-printed with graphics (usually on the back of the overlay for protection from the environment). Typical overlay materials include
  • How to Connect a Rocker Switch
    Easily connect a rocker switch to a linear actuator.
  • Airflow Switch Test
    The airflow switch's function is to monitor the blower fans to prove they are in operation. For example, to test the recirculation blower fan's airflow switch: