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  • Critical Components Behind Switch-mode Power Supplies
    of the components used in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) is extremely important, as their impact on performance is often not considered. These components-such as resistors, capacitors and inductors-are called upon to deal with heat, size, output power and device price tag.
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies Application Note (.pdf)
    Switch mode power supplies are becoming more common in electronic devices. Compared to conventional commercial power frequency transformers, they are more efficient and offer smaller footprints. This high efficiency characteristic is especially important for devices operated in stand-by mode
  • Analysis and Opinion on the Operation of Switch Mode Power Supplies under Switched Voltage Phase Conditions (.pdf)
    This note presents an opinion related to the operation of switch mode power supplies (SMPS) as loads in data center power architectures where their input voltage may be subject to instantaneous phase shift. The opinion is motivated by the desire to use SMPS loads in data center architectures where
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies and their Magnetics
    In today's day and age the most often used topology for electronic power supplies is that of the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), which is a major user of magnetics. In some applications the "older type" linear supplies are still used, but in the early 70's SMPS came into being spurred
  • History of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
    I was having lunch with a customer that had been buying power supplies from me since the late 90's. We were talking about how power supply technology has advanced over the years notably in the area of efficiency and power density. In fact the first ever unit he designed in from XP Power was a 3 x 5
  • Improve Plant Production by Addressing 24VDC Switch-Mode Power Supply Issues
    This white paper describes switch-mode power supplies and traditional circuit breakers, and explains the technology behind a new solid-state technology. It later explains how it solved a long-standing problem affecting the uptime of switch-mode power controlled manufacturing equipment. In a simple
  • Designing Power Supplies for Global Applications (.pdf)
    Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) provide an ideal solution for meeting global power requirements. SMPS designs can automatically adjust for variations in input voltage by changing the pulse width to maintain a constant output voltage. A straightforward design approach using two power
  • Technical Notes for Power Suppies
    to one that is isolated between primary. (Input) circuit and secondary (Output) circuit or non-isolated. Over the past 15 years, there have been significant changes in. the design of power supplies. The most important of these has. been widespread change from linear regulator to switch mode. power
  • RF Power Amplifier Efficiency: Big Challenges for Designers
    The basic laws of thermodynamics ensure that no electronic device can achieve 100% efficiency-- although switch-mode power supplies come close (approaching 98%). Unfortunately, anything that generates RF power cannot presently boast such near-ideal performance as there are simply too many

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