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  • Servo On A Chip
    Control of ac servomotors can now take place on a single IC. Digital Control IC Design Center Circuitry for handling highperformance control of ac servos has been condensed onto one chip in the IRMCK201. There is an incentive to control motor speed in a widening array of applications. Technological
  • Calculating transistor chip temperature
    How to calculate chip temperatures using various methods.
  • Hear this: CMOS microphones on a chip
    First comes single-chip microphones in silicon. Next will come a variety of inexpensive sensors made with the same basic integrated circuit technology and in high volumes. Akustica's CMOS microphone chip is just 2.5 mm2. It is going into PCs and may soon find its way into cell phones and video
  • ChIP/DNA Shearing (.pdf)
    Sonicators are commonly used for ChIP Assay and DNA shearing. The most common method is to insert a microtip probe directly into a sample. At Qsonica, we call this direct probe sonication. Energy is transmitted from the probe directly into the sample and the sample is processed very >quickly.
  • Flu bug finder on a chip
    Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a portable lab-on-a-chip that could let doctors identify the strain of flu viruses in less than 2 hr. Photograph of an assembled device. The discrete liquid drops controlled in this device are 100 to 240 nl, with fluidic channel dimensions
  • Keeping pace with systems on a chip
    typically tells them to pick two out of three. But, that was before the advent of FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) and SoC (system-on-a-chip) technologies. Now, with these rapidly evolving silicon technologies, designers can sometimes have their cake and eat it too. Parker Hannifin, for instance
  • System-on -Chip: Next Generation Electronics
    System-on -Chip: Next Generation Electronics. Providing a comprehensive source of state-of-the-art information on existing and emerging SoC research areas, this book covers the general principles of designing, validating and testing complex embedded computing systems and their underlying tradeoffs.
  • Vacuum systems accelerate chip production
    to generate more chips per hour increases the chances of damage to delicate chips. Vacuum handling systems provide the ideal solution, according to Bob Buerkel of the , Richland, Mich. Compared with mechanical grippers, soft vacuum cups are gentle and nondestructive, as well as simple and economical, he

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