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    … system using the evaporative dish method, British Standard (BS): 7209, and reported that the moisture transmission property of the clothing system lowers with the addition of layers of fabrics such as 1x1 rib knitted cotton T - shirt fabric , double sided weft insert …
  • Interpreting the formation of bloodstains on selected apparel fabrics
    There- fore, in this work two typical apparel fabrics were used (1) 100 % cotton 1×1 rib knitted fabric (typical of that used to manufacture T - shirts ) and (2) 100 % cotton woven drill fabric (similar structure to denim) [10, 11] (Table …
  • Clinical Guide to Sunscreens and Photoprotection
    The major classes of knit fabrics are weft and warp knits, but it is the weft-knit fabrics (the jerseys and rib weft knits) that are primarily used in the manufacture of the popular summertime T - shirts , golf shirts, and “lightweight “running …
  • noun.dat (
    … @ 02580593 n 0000 | a small four-stringed guitar (Hawaiian) 03227088 06 n 01 ulster 0 001 @ 02573548 n 0000 | loose long overcoat of heavy fabric ; usu belted 03227188 06 … … pole and radiating metal ribs 03227958 06 n 01 … … 03228579 n 0000 03228512 06 n 01 BVD's 0 001 @ 03228373 n 0000 | men's underwear 03228579 06 n 02 skivvies 0 skivvy 0 001 @ 03228373 n 0000 | men's underwear consisting of cotton T - shirt and shorts 03228698 06 …
    I considered my emotional response to the work and realised that it was the result I connected to, rather than the origin of the garment, so I used only the ribbing from the original t - shirt as a strap (Fig. 30). The juxtaposition of the delicate lace fabric in contrast with the original t-shirt created a tension …
  • Damage to apparel layers and underlying tissue due to hand-gun bullets
    Minimal research has previously been reported regarding the effect of bullets on apparel fabrics and underlying tissue. … effect of ammunition (9 mm full metal jacket [FMJ] DM11 A1B2, 8.0 g; and soft point flat nose Remington R357M3, 10.2 g) on clothing layers that cover the torso ( T - shirt , T-shirt plus hoodie … … skin, underlying tis- sue, ribs ).
  • Forensic Biomechanics
    Plain knit fabrics tend to curl and are used to make underwear, hosiery, T - shirts , gloves and sweaters. Rib knits are characterised by ribs that run vertically; the rib is formed by wales alternating on …

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