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  • Application: Fuel Tank Multiple Level Detection (.pdf)
    All trucks and automobiles currently utilizing internal combustion engines have fuel tanks. To the driver of the fueled motor vehicle, one of the most important instruments on his front panel is his fuel gage. It is important that the gage provides an accurate reading of the fuel level. To properly
  • Load Cell Application - Tank / Silo
    or digital display to show the output. The system can be automated so an alarm will sound once the tank reaches a certain level. It can notify someone via email when the tank is full, empty, or at whatever level the system is set at. The application can also be setup to trigger another tank to fill
  • Load Cell Application - Tank Dispensing
    In this application FUTEK load cells are used to control material distribution while monitoring the tank level. The load cell with in-line amplifier can be directly connected to a plc or computer for feedback control or one of the FUTEK instruments with set point alarm or analog output option
  • Using 3D Level Sensors to Address the Toughest Grain Storage Challenges
    For almost a decade, 3D level sensors have been providing highly-accurate level and volume measurement in bins, tanks, and silos. 3D scanners keep pushing the boundaries - and addressing the concerns of increasingly complex grain storage operations. This article shares a few of the newest
  • Pharamaceutical Company Uses Level Sensors to Obtain Accurate and Reliable Measurements
    A pharmaceutical company based in California uses level sensors to measure water solutions and buffers in its portable tanks. The company needed to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results for data improvements and overall product quality, as well as measure in high salinity solutions
  • Maintaining Level in Specialty Chemicals
    Technologies requires level sensors to measure chemicals such as acetone, methanol, vinyl acetate, butanol as well as water in above ground storage tanks. With four plants at the Danville facility, DanChem Technologies needed to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results for inventory of its bulk
  • Avoiding False Echoes from Fixed Structures When Using Ultrasonic Sensors for Water Level Measurement
    The water/wastewater industry has many requirements for measuring the level of water in applications such as flumes, weirs, pipes, tanks, wells, basins, and cooling towers. Ultrasonic sensors are reliable, cost effective instruments for these applications. In operation the sensor is mounted over
  • SLT32 Ultrasonic Level Monitor for Water Bottling Plant Level Control
    Culligan Water installs Greyline SLT32 Level Monitors to control tank levels in their bottling plant in Calgary, Alberta. With non-contacting ultrasonic sensors the SLT32's control fill and discharge valves in five tanks containing spring water, reverse osmosis water and distilled water.
  • Load Cell Application - Dual Tank Level Controller
    | Miniature Load Cell | Pancake Load Cell | Precision Load Cell | Pressure Sensor | Reaction Torque Sensor | Rotary Torque Sensor | S Beam Load Cell
  • Deltapilot S Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors and Liquiphant Level Switches Monitor Storage Tank Levels
  • Capacitive Sensing: Out-of-phase Liquid Level Technique
    Various methods have been used to determine the level height in liquid tanks or containers. Recently, capacitive sensing has gained popularity due to the accuracy and resolution of the measurements as well as the simplicity, flexibility, and low cost of the sensor design.
  • Zero Power Wireless Sensors (.pdf0
    including factory automation, measurement, and control; control of lighting, heating, and cooling in residential and commercial buildings; structural health monitoring of bridges, commercial buildings, aircraft, and machinery; tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS); tank level monitoring

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